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Fortaleza, Brazil

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28 Feb 2022

Published: 02 Dec 2021
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Short films

The AX International Audiovisual Short Film Show aims to disseminate short films (documentaries, fiction, animations and experimental) for all ages, children and adolescents, young people and adults, which present as a central or relevant element such as gender relations and sexualities. Thus, short films that show intertwining between gender and sexualities with other markers such as social class, race and ethnicity, generation, disability, migration, are very welcome.
The Show also includes a multitude of themes that can cross issues such as life trajectories, violence against women, masculinities, fatherhood, motherhood, eroticism, corporeality, LGBTQIAphobias, sexual exploitation, sexual and reproductive rights and processes of resistance and struggle of women and subject LGBTQIA +, as well as a multitude of fields of sociopolitical life such as the State, capital, coloniality, politics, human rights, education, work, health, culture, public policies, among others.
In recent editions, many short films have been produced and selected that portray more general themes, of collective interest, in the field, for example, of indigenous rights, land, housing or the defense of democracy. So this year, realizing that such productions only enrich, densify and pluralize our Curta o Gênero, we formally opened for submissions of short films of this nature, which will be produced in specials.

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Photo of Curta O Gênero
Photo of Curta O Gênero
Photo of Curta O Gênero
Photo of Curta O Gênero

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