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Pune, India

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21 Oct 2022

Published: 07 Jan 2022
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Stories and storytellers surround us despite that, most stories go unheard and cannot reach their audience.

UGIFF is India’s first underground film festival.

UGIFF the festival, promise to bring stories that struggle to reach and garner independent cinema.

A festival of global audience and storytellers

Come, witness the disruption, be a part of the movement.

Celebrate independent cinema.!

Our goal is to give you an appreciation of a wide variety of genres, from horror, sci-fi, and fantasy to comedies, thrillers, and music-related films. Besides finding great films, we also want to showcase talented local and international filmmakers.

Bringing innovative and challenging selections that challenge and appease the interests of all film lovers, we aim to present a wide range of work that explores the various definitions and interpretations of the concept of "underground".

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