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14 Mar 2022

Published: 14 Jan 2022
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Short films

Best Anime Shorts - first "around the globe" Anime Film Festival.

The purposes of the festival are:
to acquaint cinema lovers around the globe with the world's best short films in "action", "adventure", "comedy", "drama", "fantasy", "magic", "supernatural", "horror", "mystery", "psychological", "romance" and "sci-fi" genre.
to discover talented anime films directors and open them to the world.

The festival is a global screening of the best anime shorts. Recently, the festival have distributor and cinema theatre partners in such countries as: UK, Poland, Spain, Mexico, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, South Africa, Canada, etc.

Firstly, the films are pre-watched by the selection committee members.

Secondly, after the best short films are selected, the right-holders of the films are proposed to take part in the World tour of the festival.

Finally, the moviegoers from different countries can vote for the best movie - Best Anime Short.

The festival requires preview screeners of films to be submitted online (with private Youtube or Vimeo links ONLY). We do not accept physical submissions, i.e. DVDs.

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Photo of Best Anime Shorts
Photo of Best Anime Shorts
Photo of Best Anime Shorts
Photo of Best Anime Shorts

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