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23 Oct 2022

Published: 15 Jun 2022
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Film Maudit 2.0, in its 4th year, is a festival in Los Angeles of outré films. The fest is inspired by legendary artist Jean Cocteau’s festival, Le Film Maudit, which celebrated a group of films that were criminally overlooked and neglected at the time. Film Maudit 2.0 will take place in January 2023 as a hybrid (live & online) festival.

The term film maudit literally means “cursed films,” and this showcase of counter-cinema will blend together narrative, documentary and experimental films that in their style and/or subject matter, are deliberately bold, extreme, confrontational, troubling, shocking and/or unusual.

We are looking for adventuresome works that deal with socio-political issues, taboo subjects, and challenge artistic assumptions and sexual mores.

The festival is co-presented by and takes place at Southern California's boldest center for new performance and media arts, Highways Performance Space & Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. In its 32nd year, Highways continues to be an important alternative cultural center in Los Angeles that encourages radical artists from diverse communities to develop and present innovative new works. Described by the Los Angeles Times as “a hub of experimental theater, dance, solo drama and other multimedia performance,” Highways promotes the development of contemporary socially involved artists and art forms.

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Photo of Film Maudit 2.0
Photo of Film Maudit 2.0
Photo of Film Maudit 2.0
Photo of Film Maudit 2.0

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