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20 Jun 2022

Published: 17 Jun 2022
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Celaya Experimental Film Fest is a platform for creation and exhibition of experimental films. Works focused on technical, conceptual and narrative experimentation. The festival welcomes artists who have transgressed and transcended the barriers of aesthetics, technique, and the semiticity to break the dominant standards in the industry. We believe that experimental cinema is free, radical and purposeful and that at the same time it responds to the anthropological, social, artistic and philosophical need to explore horizons beyond the great hegemonic forms of cinematographic creation, and finding authentic ways of creating audiovisual art.

The festival opens its international submissions to all artists with original or personal proposals that go beyond conventional standards, exploring the limits of cinematographic language and searching for an essence or unitary mark within any work of their authorship.

Submissions for artists from Celaya and around Guanajuato can submit their films for free for all available categories.

Celaya Experimental Film Fest is an experimental film and contemporary art festival that seeks to promote the creation of new platforms and exhibitions of experimental and contemplative audiovisual language. It is also the space for expression and exhibition of sister arts such as performance, sound art and visual arts in a contemporary language and through the arts and cinematographic culture, all publicly and free of charge on the Mexican Bajío.

The third edition of CELAYA EXPERIMENTAL FILM FEST will take place in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico from Octuber 2nd to 7th, 2023, with the most outstanding selection and impressive audiovisual films within our festival, and with a specialized jury who will be in charge of awarding the films that accomplish its proposals to show experimental cinema as a discipline.

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Photo of Celaya Experimental Film Fest
Photo of Celaya Experimental Film Fest
Photo of Celaya Experimental Film Fest
Photo of Celaya Experimental Film Fest

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