Kalatirtha Short Film Festival 2023

Nashik, India

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25 Dec 2022

Published: 11 Dec 2022
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Short films

The prestigious Short film festival the "Kalatirth short film festival" endeavors to be a sought after platform for the short film makers who believe in genuine content creation and true representation of literary and artistic works. Even while presenting the 6th Short film festival, the team is dedicated to unveil the talents and provide a platform for varied types of films including short films, one minute films, advertising films etc.

Though the film festival is not a competition but to keep the artists motivated awards are given for varied categories. The uniqueness of these awards is that the awards are given for unconventional categories like Cinematography, Direction etc. so as to recognize the efforts of the technical artists. The films are judged by distinguished and renowned judges having vast experience and in-depth knowledge about the film making art. The experience sharing and the words of wisdom bestowed by the guests acts as guiding light for the future endeavours of the participant.

Kalatirth has been a proud organiser of 6 film festivals. every year is remarked with a special theme. The response received to the film festivals has always been in an uptrend with 15 films in the first year, followed by 21 in the second year. 37, 74, 52 in the last three years. The festival has truly been national with the participant films coming in from varied cities like that of Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai, etc. Despite the pandemic, the festival has not halted nor the team has paused its commitment towards serving the fraternity.

We invite all the creators, artists and even volunteers to join Kalatirtha in making the movement a global wave and become a holistic platform for the short films.

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Photo of Kalatirtha Short Film Festival 2023
Photo of Kalatirtha Short Film Festival 2023
Photo of Kalatirtha Short Film Festival 2023
Photo of Kalatirtha Short Film Festival 2023

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