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Kaluga, Russia

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15 Jan 2023

Published: 27 Dec 2022
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The Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival (Tsiolkovsky ISFF) is held annually in Kaluga. Films and programs about space and its relationship with science, art, and culture take part in the competitive, non-competitive, and retrospective screenings of the Festival.

The purpose of the Tsiolkovsky ISFF is not only to present new films about space, but also to promote all areas of science and art, one way or another related to space, to strengthen the traditions of international dialogue between scientists and filmmakers to solve urgent problems of the development of modern science, culture and new technologies. In addition, the Festival carries an important educational mission on all issues related to the past, present and future of space research and space activities.

Goals and objectives of the Tsiolkovsky ISFF:

• the most complete presentation of the current state of the world cinematography related to space themes;
• demonstration of the best documentary and feature films about space, created both in Russia and abroad to the audience and the jury members. At retrospectives and special screenings, the audience will have the opportunity to watch the most famous films of domestic and foreign "space" cinema;
• the Tsiolkovsky ISFF may become a platform for live communication of creative people, scientists, as well as an exchange of projects and ready-made ideas in the field of space and "space" cinema;
• maintenance of a steady audience interest in film products related to space themes;
• a meeting of filmmakers with the audience of one of the most intensively developing regions of the country;
• the opportunity for filmmakers not only to effectively communicate with science, but also to transform scientific "space" ideas into something accessible and creative for a wide audience;
• to acquaint scientists with the world of cinema, to realize its creative potential and accessibility.

Tsiolkovsky ISFF SLOGAN: What is impossible today may be possible tomorrow (K.E. Tsiolkovsky, Self-made scientist who became the founder of modern astronautics)

Tsiolkovsky ISFF LOGO: The official logo of the Festival used in the festival symbols and official papers is a drawing by K.E. Tsiolkovsky from the "Album of Space Travel", which he created for the first Soviet science fiction film called "Space Flight."

The JURY of the Tsiolkovsky ISFF includes not only professional filmmakers, but also astronauts, as well as scientists from the space industry.

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Photo of The International Space Film Festival Tsiolkovsky
Photo of The International Space Film Festival Tsiolkovsky
Photo of The International Space Film Festival Tsiolkovsky
Photo of The International Space Film Festival Tsiolkovsky

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