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24 Apr 2023

Published: 17 Jan 2023
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In a historical moment in which the fear of different seems to prevail and the values of equality and social justice are neglected for the benefit of a widespread selfishness, it seems important to us to experiment new initiative to promote the positive values that the Associazione Orchestra Multietnica di Arezzo tried to convey in these years using the universal language of the music. Solidarity, hospitality, integration, civil commitment, those are the values we want to pass on through cinema and Audiovision’s language, in an active citizenship experience above all young people, to give our contribution to a wide cultural sensibility growth, with a view to a supportive, multicultural and cohesive society.

Officine social movie: 5nd cinema and Audiovision’s festival dedicated to social issues and civil commitment and to dissemination of content that promoted solidarity, hospitality, social inclusion, cultural diversity and rights values.

Officine social movie is born for an attempt to create new artistic context and new formulas to convey, through cinema and audiovision’s versatility, the idea of cultural and social commitment above expressed. An open festival to short films presented by young emergent and independent filmmakers and videomakers, a showcase dedicated to projection of titles (movie, docu-movie, animation…) on call through film distribution channels also alternative. Projections that will be enriched by guest’s presence (filmmakers, authors, screenwriters, actors) with whose the audience will have the opportunity to confront at the end of projection.

We want to report that Officine Social Movie is born with the intention to pose the same caution both on the final result, the festival that will take place at Arezzo from 22th may to 28th may 2024, and on the project creation and implementation process. One of the targets is in fact the involvement of a group of young people who can share an active citizenship, giving space to their creativity.

To arrive to the festival made up by the step of design, analysis, planning and management, communication and critical vision of short films in the competition, will be part of the project itself, with the same importance of the festival days.

The group will be composed by some young people of the promoter association with around twenty people of the students from the Multimedia, cinema and graphic design sections of Liceo Artistico “Piero della Francesca di Arezzo” that, flanked by expert and operation, will draw the outlines of the festival, will draw up the national competition announcement, will be an integral part in the selection of short films in competition and will be part of the jury who will designate it the winners.

The students, in addition of being part of the group of the design team, will be involved in the creation of an own short film too, to be presented out of competition, as well as for the project and the festival’s video-photographic documentation.

The Officine Social Movie project has as leader the Association “Orchestra Multietnica di Arezzo” (OMA), in collaboration with Officine della Cultura, the Liceo Artistico Coreutico Scientifico Internazionale “Piero della Francesca”, annex to Convitto Nazionale “Vittorio Emanuele II” of Arezzo and Poti Pictures, with the support of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, contribution Prodigio Divino and Associazione Autismo Arezzo. Media partner of the event Teletruria.

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Photo of Officine Social Movie
Photo of Officine Social Movie
Photo of Officine Social Movie
Photo of Officine Social Movie

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