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Ribes de Freser, Spain

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14 May 2023

Published: 21 Mar 2023
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The Association "Amics del cinema de la Vall de Ribes" presents the 10th edition of the Gollut Festival.

The GOLLUT FESTIVAL is an exhibition of social and environmental cinema with the aim of inclusion and awareness of different diversities.

We are committed to auteur cinema, ethical and aesthetic commitment, creative freedom, exploring and experimenting with new narratives and forms of audiovisual representation.

The festival aims to decentralise culture from the big cities, rejecting the idea that culture has to have a centre that defines its peripheries.

This year the festival wants to investigate the ways in which cinema can influence and shape a territory and its inhabitants: their memories, imaginaries and collective fictions. We are interested in exploring the way in which cinema represents rural environments, processes of de-ruralisation both on a local and global scale, from gazes that question hegemonic narratives.

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Photo of Festival Gollut
Photo of Festival Gollut
Photo of Festival Gollut
Photo of Festival Gollut

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