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Aguilar de Campóo, Spain

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17 Sep 2023

Published: 22 Mar 2023
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The Aguilar de Campoo Short Film Festival is consolidated as one of the most veteran and relevant film citations in our country in its genre. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts of Spain, includes it as one of the key festivals for the selection of short films that will compete in the Goya Awards. Throughout the last editions the festival has been making important decisions that commit it to the cinema of our country. In his thirteenth edition he published his manifesto where he exhibited his philosophy and commitment to film. He made the decision to pay for selection to the selected short films thus eliminating economic competition in order to encourage artistic creation and production. Its screening rooms are open to international cinema including all genres, fiction, documentary animation and experimental cinema. In 2016 the festival received recognition from the AIC (Short Film Industry Association). This certificate is an annual distinction to differentiate and reward festivals that perform an exemplary role in the dissemination, protection and professionalization of cinema and its industry, and especially of the short film. This is the first time this certification has been granted and is the result of more than a year of work tables and conversations with festivals, filmmakers and other professionals from across the country in order to develop a guide to good behaviors towards the short film and its creators. The basic objectives of this distinction are to educate new generations of filmmakers and protect model festivals, recognizing their dedication and rigor. We seek the encounter and exchange between professionals and the public as a form of cultural enrichment.


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Photo of Aguilar Film Festival
Photo of Aguilar Film Festival
Photo of Aguilar Film Festival
Photo of Aguilar Film Festival

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