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Barcelona, Spain

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07 Apr 2023

Published: 24 Mar 2023
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+RAIN Film Fest is the first European festival of films generated using artificial intelligence (AI). +RAIN explores contemporary film narrative with AI-based technologies and their aesthetic, ethical and political possibilities and implications. The event opens itself to surprise, experimentation and in-depth debate on the place of authorship in a transformative technology that generates a new dimension in creative procedures.

Due to its innovative and unique nature, +RAIN Film Fest establishes an alliance with Sónar+D 2023 and appears in its presentation, on wednesday 14 June 2023, on the Poblenou campus of Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.

One of the goals of +RAIN Film Fest is the transfer of knowledge to industry and the social fabric. For this reason, it is partnering with AI & WEB3 Creatives Summit, which is being held the following two days, 15 and 16 June, within the programme of Sónar+D 2023, which is co-producing the event with UPF Ventures.

The official partner of the festival is Runway, +RAIN Film Fest is partnered by Runway, a leading company in AI video editing and organizer of the AI Film Festival, which held its first edition in New York in February 2023.

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