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09 Jan 2024

Published: 27 Mar 2023
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Master of Art Film Festival is unique cultural event and the only in Eastern Europe international film festival for Documentaries on Art. It takes place in Bulgaria – Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

The festival focuses on different artistic approaches on Art.

Its program is dedicated to Documentary cinema that represents the artistic vision both on history of Art, Contemporary Art forms and to celebrate the multicultural diversity in our time.

Our goal is to show documentaries that manifest the talents and the creative process in the following categories: Architecture, Design and Fashion, Art and Power, Contemporary art, Culinary art, Fine Art, Photography, Literature, Music and Dance, Theatre and Cinema.

Documentaries produced and released after January 1, 2022 are eligible to the competition of Master of Art Film Festival. The festival pays attention also on modern tendencies in Video Art and Advertising.

The mission of Master of Art Film Festival is to create an alternative platform to the mass culture. We want to create an opportunity and to contribute a dialogue and cooperation between artists. The festival is the biggest forum in Eastern Europe for young documentary filmmakers, tempted to tell inspiring stories about the Art.

Master of Art Film Festival is organized by Spotlight Production Company, The National Palace of Culture and ‘Master of Art’ Foundation with the financial support of Municipality of Sofia, AURUBIS BULGARIA, Bulgarian National Film Center and etc.

The festival funds are raised by participation fees, financial subsidies, donations, sponsorship and tickets.
The 8th edition of the festival will take place in а hybrid form - simuntaneusly online and with screening in Art cinemas:
• 9 - 29 February 2024 - Screenings online on a special Festival platform available only from Bulgaria and in Art cinemas in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Stara Zagora.

• Summer edition - August/September 2024 in open air places.

The OFFICIAL SELECTION laurel is given to all films selected in the following categories:


I. ARCHITECTURE - documentaries for architects, past and present architectural achievements and historic buildings.

II. ART and CHILDREN - documentaries about the relationship between the art and children

III. ART and POWER - documentaries about the relationship between the artists and totalitarian regimes and politic.

IIII. CONTEMPORARY ART - documentaries about contemporary art the art of XX and XXI century.

V. CULINARY ART - documentaries on the art of preparation, cooking and serving food.

VI. DESIGN and FASHION – Interion designers, fashion designers and their works.
VII. FINE ART - documentaries about the Fine Art from different eras, galleries and exhibitions.

VIII. LITERATURE - documentaries about writers, poets, their works and libraries.
IX. MUSIC and DANCE - documentaries about music, composers and musicians - opera, classics, folk, jazz, pop and rock; dancers and choreographers - ballet, folk, traditional and contemporary dance.
X. PHOTOGRAPHY - documentaries about the Art of Photography, photographed historic events and Photographers.

XI. THEATRE and CINEMA - documentaries about theatre, acting challenges on stage; notable filmmakers and actors.


(This category has a separate Award and the submitted videos are not competing with the documentaries and video games in the other categories.)

XII.VIDEO ART and ART ADVERTISING – video art, experimental videos, art advertisings and Advertisement.


XV.ART HORIZONS - Documentaries that are highly appreciated by the preselecting committee.

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