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15 Jul 2023

Published: 03 Apr 2023
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The Gáldar International Film Festival (FIC Gáldar) is one of the most important film festivals in the Canary Islands, and has concentrated in each of its editions the very best of national and international cinema. Organized by the City Council of Gáldar through its Council of Culture since 2013, this festival proposes a live event with important health measures to ensure complete safety and confort.

Our event as of today will be hosted on the original intended dates. We are closely following the rules and regulations set by the government of Spain and, since our hope is that cinemas are allowed to full capacity before our event, we are also open to open our venues in a limited capacity if that was mandatory. If any plans change for our live event, we will notify all selected filmmakers with new dates.

The festival will take place in the city of Gáldar, on the island of Gran Canaria, in october 2024, and its philosophy focuses on the film as the only and great gravitational center, without losing sight of the creators, who deserve a parangonable respect for their works.

Thus, this festival will not make a difference between themes, formats or genres. Submissions are open to all types of feature and short films. We are looking to showcase the best in drama, comedy, horror, sci-fi/fantasy, thrillers/suspense, noir, both in fiction and documentary, both in life action and animation. Submissions are open to films from all over the world.

FIC is committed to cinema for cinema, to a true vision that does not respond to stringings neither social, nor ideological, nor formal. It is, at its core, a film festival without borders.

Alongside this statement of principles regarding the Official Selection, there is also a reverence for the cinema from the past througan evening of fantastic and horror cinema is proposed with "The darkest hour".

Finally, the festival will also pay homage to different personalities from the film industry and will organize workshops and parallel activities.

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Photo of Festival Internacional De Cine De Gáldar - Fic Gáldar
Photo of Festival Internacional De Cine De Gáldar - Fic Gáldar
Photo of Festival Internacional De Cine De Gáldar - Fic Gáldar
Photo of Festival Internacional De Cine De Gáldar - Fic Gáldar

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