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Lincoln, Argentina

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01 Oct 2023

Published: 17 Jun 2023
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Vision and objectives of the festival:

A) Raise awareness: The festival aims to raise awareness about various issues related to social justice, such as inequality, discrimination, human rights, sustainability, among others. Through the films and activities, it seeks to inform and educate the public on these important issues.

B) Promote dialogue and reflection: The festival seeks to create a space for constructive dialogue and critical reflection. Through panel discussions, talks with filmmakers and chat rooms, the exchange of ideas is encouraged and attendees are invited to reflect on the themes presented in the films.

C) Inspire and motivate to action: The festival aims to inspire attendees to take concrete action in pursuit of social justice. Through the stories presented in the films, the aim is to generate empathy, motivation and mobilization towards positive social change.

D) Promote diversity and inclusion: The festival seeks to highlight and celebrate diversity in all its forms, including cultural, ethnic, gender and sexual orientation diversity. It seeks to promote inclusion and equality, providing a platform for diverse voices to be heard and represented.

E) Support Committed Filmmakers: The festival seeks to support filmmakers who address social justice issues in their work, giving them a platform to showcase their films and broaden their reach. It seeks to promote film production committed to social transformation.

F) Generate impact in the local community: The festival seeks to generate a positive impact in the local community, involving local organizations, community leaders and spectators in the activities and in discussions about social justice. It seeks to create greater awareness and sensitivity in the community about these problems.

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