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02 Oct 2023

Published: 05 Sep 2023
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Short films

The Ituango Film Festival is a space for meeting, reflection and training around the cinema. Children, young people and adults see in this important event the possibility of valuing and recognizing their history, their territory, their present and their future through the seventh art and the audiovisual in general. Currently, the community of Ituango works on processes of memory reconstruction and tell their own stories and artistic and cultural strategies that promote territorial peace are consolidated. At the same time, the festival is presented as a space for the protection and reconstruction of the social fabric of vulnerable populations.

A series of audiovisual, cinematographic and complementary activities will be part of the official program with the possibility to bring the film festival activities to diferent villages of the municipality. Among them are:

•Audiovisual Creation and Experimentation Laboratory.
•Departmental meeting of the Communications Collective.
•Main Exhibition of Colombian Cinema NUDO DE PARAMILLO.
•National Short Film Competition NARRATIVES OF THE REGION.
•GUEST COUNTRY Cultural and Cinematographic Exhibition.
•Thematic Forums and Meetings.

The festival, in addition to being included in the Ituango Municipal Development Plan 2020-2023, manages resources through public calls and alliances with public and private sector entities.

Short film festival

 Fiction  Documentary  Animation  Experimental

Photo of Festival De Cine Ituango
Photo of Festival De Cine Ituango
Photo of Festival De Cine Ituango
Photo of Festival De Cine Ituango

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