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10 Jan 2024

Published: 19 Oct 2023
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Our Mission

We acclaim emerging directors, screenwriters and filmmakers from all over the world and amplify their work by bringing together a diverse audience to experience and reflect on it, and engage in further dialogue.

Our community exists at the intersection of a broader, more inclusive, cinematic gaze and the emergence of truly exceptional cinema.

If films are the content, Alfama is the form that sets the tone for the experiences we create. An architectural somatisation of intimacy, this is the scene in which we invite your films to make their appearance.

Our Story
in 2009 as an informal project to showcase independent cinema in the recondite alleys of Alfama, projected against its iconic stone walls.

​In the following years, Cinalfama matured and became a competitive event of an international character, as well as a cultural reference in Lisbon.

The nature of the events has changed over the years, but the atmosphere, films and venues remain as intimate as they have always been.

Our Home
Founded in 1914, Grupo Sportivo Adicense is one of the oldest and most authentic remaining symbols of Alfama’s true soul.

World famous fado singers started their careers waiting tables at this historical institution – one that still stands in the face of constant change and mischaracterisation of the neighbourhood’s urban landscape

Screening Sessions

Tucked into the backstreets of Lisbon’s old town, Alfama, our intimate screenings take place in the city’s oldest cultural house, Grupo Sportivo Adicense.

We host three seasonal screening editions throughout the year, to showcase and award the best talent and films of each one. These are free entrance and all films have English subtitles.

Due to the current pandemic and associated restrictions, we have decided to host next January 2024 edition online, making available a selection of the very best films of the season. Aiming to have live screenings back real soon.

International Festival

Short film festival

Feature film festival

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Photo of Cinalfama Lisbon Screenings and Awards
Photo of Cinalfama Lisbon Screenings and Awards
Photo of Cinalfama Lisbon Screenings and Awards
Photo of Cinalfama Lisbon Screenings and Awards

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