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Montevideo, Uruguay

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22 Jan 2024

Published: 03 Nov 2023
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The International Summer Film Festival 2024 is underway and promises to be an unparalleled cinematic experience. This high-quality event, celebrating the best of the international short film world, has become a cornerstone of Montevideo's summer. Organized with passion and dedication by Uruguay Campus Film, the festival was born in 2022 with the aim of strengthening exhibition spaces for short films and promoting exchanges among national filmmakers.

This summer 2024, we are excited to offer an even more thrilling edition. After two successful previous editions, where we have already established ourselves as an international festival, we continue our commitment to bring the best of cinema to Montevideo and beyond.

We recognize that Uruguay's audiovisual scene continues to capture the attention of both locals and visitors, creating a constant demand for venues where filmmakers can share their creations with new audiences, and where these audiences can immerse themselves in the richness of national cinema in all its forms.

In this third edition of the Summer Film Festival, we have gone a step further. We have expanded our horizons by introducing a category dedicated to international short films. This will allow us to explore an even broader and more diverse cinematography, providing our audience with a rich and enriching cinematic experience.

Furthermore, we will continue to offer workshops and talks, where filmmakers will share their knowledge and experiences. Our mission is to create a relaxed learning space where conversations flow freely between filmmakers and audiences, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in the magical world of cinema.

The "Cinema in the Neighborhood" section will remain a highlight of the festival, connecting cinematic art with the local community through outdoor screenings in unusual and exciting locations.

The Summer Film Festival is a celebration of cinematic culture and a platform for local and international talent. It represents the culmination of over a decade of effort and dedication by Uruguay Campus Film and has its roots in previous events such as Cinema Day, Experimental Cinema, and UCF Shows Itself.

With each new edition, our festival advances toward more exciting horizons, offering a unique experience to film enthusiasts and those seeking to explore the richness of the seventh art. So, get ready for a summer in 2024 filled with captivating stories, enriching cinematic experiences, and unforgettable moments at the International Summer Film Festival. We welcome you to a summer of cinema like no other!

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Photo of Festival Internacional Cine de Verano
Photo of Festival Internacional Cine de Verano
Photo of Festival Internacional Cine de Verano
Photo of Festival Internacional Cine de Verano

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