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18 May 2024

Published: 16 Jan 2024
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SAN BENEDETTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ( Terms, Rules, prizes and motivations can be translated in 22 languages visiting our site

"MAGICSCREENPLAY" ( Terms, Rules, prizes and motivations can be translated in 22 languages visiting our site

We built a festival in total freedom, without any external conditioning. An International Short Film Competition. A window on cinema from a privileged viewpoint: the city of San Benedetto del Tronto. Born in 2017, the SBFF has become one of the leading international events for the Adriatic Riviera and the Piceno region. The events will take place at the Palazzina Azzurra in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) on Viale Buozzi 14.

"MAGICSCREENPLAY" - (Collateral Event to the SAN BENEDETTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL) was born from the need to combine the scenic, architectural and natural beauties of the Marche Region in syncrasia with the cultural, social heritage and identity need of the places and the human and professional resources that come from them, evolve and hope for an ever-increasing expansion of training, skills and abilities.

The Contest was born within a strategy of discovery and promotion of national and international emerging talents and represents the exclusive context to select, through a Quality Jury, the best pitch, with a predefined theme, to be declined into a consequent script.

After the selection, the one deemed to perform best will be subjected to development through the creation of a short film with a total length of no more than 15 minutes, produced by the Associated Professionals Association of Art & Management "IL SERPENTE AUREO," in collaboration with and with the support of the FILM COMMISSION MARCHE, the MARCHE REGION and under the patronage of the City of San Benedetto del Tronto.


- " There is no art form like cinema to strike the conscience, shake the emotions and reach the secret rooms of the soul" Ingmar Bergman

- " Life in the depths is completely different from life on the surface and has mysterious and terrifying aspects" Dario Argento

- " I am not an artist but a craftsman" "The heart must mediate between the brain and the hands" Fritz Lang

- " I steal from every single film ever made. If I like things I mix them together. And if people don't like it, then don't go see it.... I steal from everything.... Great artists steal not make homages" Quentin Tarantino

- " No matter where the world goes, even if I can't speak a foreign language, I don't feel out of place. I think of the earth as my home. "Akira Kurosawa

- " An essential element of all art is risk..." Francis Ford Coppola

- " Cinema is a mode of expression that allows one to express all the nuances of a thing and its opposites..." Catherine Breillat

- " Unlike all other art forms, cinema is able to capture and render the passage of time, to stop it almost to possess it in infinity. I would say that film is the sculpture of time. "Andrei Tarkovsky

- " I am just a storyteller and film seems to be my medium. I like it because it recreates life in motion, enhances it ... it is my way of telling a story. "Federico Fellini

- " The art of film can only really exist through a highly organized betrayal of reality" François Truffaut

- " I work with my dreams or nightmares" David Cronenberg

- " If I can't get the characters to talk, then I give up " Quantin Tarantino

- " The poet stretches out his hand to lead us beyond the last horizon, beyond the top of the pyramid, to that land that extends beyond the true and the false, beyond life and death, beyond space and time, beyond reason and fantasy, beyond spirit and matter." Alejandro Jodorowsky

- " Cinema is the 'only art form in which the works move and the viewer remains motionless " Ennio Flaiano

- " Cinema is a cultural industry. Making films also means assuming a social and moral responsibility. Therefore, we should not produce what we can sell, but sell what we want to produce " Franco Cristaldi

- " I think that scandalizing is a right.... " Pier Paolo Pasolini

- " To act is to listen... " Pupi Avati

- " I think the past affects the ability to tell stories" Joel Coen

- " Cinema is beautiful if it can read reality " Ettore Scola

- " Cinema consists of two things: a screen and chairs. The secret lies in filling them both " Roberto Benigni

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Photo of San Benedetto Film Fest
Photo of San Benedetto Film Fest
Photo of San Benedetto Film Fest
Photo of San Benedetto Film Fest

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