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19 May 2024

Published: 18 Jan 2024
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In 2003, the non-profit created the International Strange and Unusual Fantasy Short Film Festival, Court Métrange.

The event offers a creative harbor for authors wherein to expose and endorse their ideas. With an irrefutable penchant for a different form of filmmaking, these motion picture partisans fascinate countless audiences, the latter of whom paradoxically struggle to reap the same attention.

The purpose of the Court Métrange Festival is, ultimately, threefold, boasting: a place to screen, a place to scream, letting its "cult" shorts thrive, and a place whose limitless resources endeavor to not only emphasize the credentials of those having fought to make Fantasy film what it is today, but also attribute to them what is rightfully theirs. Court Métrange has become crucial not only in putting back on the radar screen the artistic and cultural value in a certain category of works, but also in breaking down barriers between film genres.

Sole member specializing in short films of the renowned European Fantastic Film Festival and CNC Category 1 Festival, Court Métrange is, in a way, a rite of passage for some authors in the quest for validation of their work with their sights set on becoming the directors of tomorrow. As a result, it is unrivaled, and plays an influential role on the short film scene in Europe.
Artistically agile, film communicates in a number of languages. The Fantastic is one of them. Court Métrange has chosen to hand over the mic and screen to those who share the same speak. For Fantasy filmmakers, this moment with their audiences is invaluable. Theaters teeming with fans and backing from a significant part of the profession have, in turn, legitimized the festival in its entirety. The enthusiasm and support from the teaching community and the active involvement of its student population in the educational and cultural initiatives organized by the festival come full circle with the idea that Fantastic films are a formidable breeding ground for culture and reflection.

Alongside its screenings, the Festival also strives to open up channels for exchange between film and other creative disciplines in order to broaden and boost the manner in which the "Fantastic image" materializes. Every year, conferences, exhibits, music, encounters, and debates round out the Court Métrange agenda.


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Photo of Festival Court Métrange
Photo of Festival Court Métrange
Photo of Festival Court Métrange
Photo of Festival Court Métrange

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