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01 May 2024

Published: 02 Feb 2024
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Short films

RE-FRAME: Debut Film Festival Vienna is now open for submissions for its 2nd edition!

Last year we had a fantastic experience at Stand129 in Vienna! In 2024 we are expanding our horizons with extra screening days, more invited guests, free filmmaking workshops and… presenting selected films from both this and 1st edition in a special programme in Basque Country (Spain) and Italy.

We are inviting young international filmmakers from the FLINTA* community to submit their debut short films to us. Additionally, we focus on low-budget independent productions (films with a budget of less than EUR 7500) to give space to unconventional stories and artistic approaches to filmmaking.

The selected films for the Viennese edition will be screened in June 2024 at Stand129 on Viktor-Adler-Markt at Stand129. We invite all selected filmmakers to take part in the festival and present their works in person. RE-FRAME provides a limited amount of free housing options for whom it is necessary. Those who are not able to join in person are welcome for a post-screening discussion via Zoom.

Additional curated programs will be presented in Club Ricreativo Di Pignolo (Bergamo) and SAMA (Vitoria-Gasteiz).

RE-FRAME is initiated and curated by (ex)-volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps programme and participants of a Solidarity Project in collaboration with Stand129 and Kulturhaus Brotfabrik.

*The acronym FLINTA stands for women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender people - all those who are patriarchally discriminated against because of their gender identity.

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Photo of Re-Frame: Debut Film Festival Vienna
Photo of Re-Frame: Debut Film Festival Vienna
Photo of Re-Frame: Debut Film Festival Vienna
Photo of Re-Frame: Debut Film Festival Vienna

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