Flamenco Film Festival Granada

Granada, Spain

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31 May 2024

Published: 21 Feb 2024
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Promoted and organized by the Peña Flamenca "La Platería", this film contest aims to highlight the different perspectives with which flamenco is contemplated and lived in the world, as well as the various forms that the genre adopts and how this influences, not only in the way many people feel the music, but also in the way they feel the music. but also in how feelings are perceived through it in its aspects and fusions. This initiative aims to promote audiovisual production in the field of flamenco, encourage production, artistic creation and the promotion of Flamenco Art through audiovisual proposals in different formats, such as documentaries and fiction.

We encourage the participation of both Spanish and foreign filmmakers and we especially encourage the presence of works by young directors.

This Festival was born with the aim of giving the possibility to numerous authors to produce and make films related to flamenco and its many aspects; dance, singing, guitar playing, history, ways of life etc. .....

It will be a space open to art and emotions that, from flamenco become documentary and fiction films, with the intention of providing added value to the field of creation and perception of flamenco as a social phenomenon beyond borders, races and beliefs of any kind. Those works that best show the different realities and sensitivities around flamenco in different parts of the world will be screened, with testimonies and experiences that go from the personal to the social movement that has its roots in flamenco as a way of life and expression of an entire people.

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Photo of Festival de Cine Flamenco de Granada
Photo of Festival de Cine Flamenco de Granada
Photo of Festival de Cine Flamenco de Granada
Photo of Festival de Cine Flamenco de Granada

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