9/16 Film Fest

Villamayor (Salamanca), Spain

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25 Jun 2024

Published: 02 Mar 2024
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Short films

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"The 9/16 Film Fest is an international film festival in vertical format that aims to foster the creation and promotion of audiovisual content specifically designed in 9:16.

Our objectives are:

- Democratize creation, allowing creativity to flourish independently of available resources.

- Promote collaboration and reward excellence in vertical content, providing a platform for emerging filmmakers.

- Stay at the forefront of technology, following consumer trends, and educating in this format.

The selection is divided into several categories:

- Fiction
- Animation
- Microdocumentary
- Advertising Spot
- One-Minute Video
- Video Art (Music, Dance, Performance...)
- Travel Vlog
- Capaces. (Short films focused on raising awareness and sharing experiences, achievements and challenges of people with disabilities) Category in collaboration with AVIVA

These categories can also compete for:

- "Most Viral" Award
- "9/16" Award (best technical adaptation to the vertical format)

The event also includes non-competitive sections such as screenings, talks, gastronomy..."

International Festival

Short film festival

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