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21 Jun 2024

Published: 23 Apr 2024
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Short films
Feature films

International low-budget independent film festival

Festival de Cine no Visto has the main objective of giving visibility to those independent and low or no budget productions which, for different reasons, don’t reach the major public and whose only option for a greater recognition is found in festivals.

The organization of the Festival de Cine no Visto is aware of the great effort that producers have to endure in order to carry out a project with very limited means. Technical aspects are for us just another element in the process, so the main reasons to be selected will not depend on the means used. We are much more interested in what is told and the symbolism in each shot.
We are undoubtedly going to consider all and each of the aspects: performance, editing, cinematography, music, screenplay, to sum up, everything necessary in the production of an audiovisual project.

⦁ Best feature film
⦁ Best Foreign short film
⦁ Best Andalusian short film
⦁ Best Spanish short film

⦁ Best feature film (International and Andalusian)
⦁ Best short film (within each category)
⦁ Best actor (feature film)
⦁ Best director (feature film)
⦁ Best cinematographer (feature film)
⦁ Best film editing (feature film)
⦁ Best screenplay (feature film)
• Best sound
• Best music
⦁ Best film from Jaén (feature or short)

* If your film has been awarded but nobody from your team can attend to the awards ceremony, you won´t receive a physical prize.
** Some categories can be declared void if the jury considers that appropriate.

International Festival

Short film festival

Feature film festival

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Photo of Cine No Visto
Photo of Cine No Visto
Photo of Cine No Visto
Photo of Cine No Visto

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