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Brentwood, United States

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30 Sep 2022

Veröffentlicht: 23 May 2022
 Hat Einsende-Gebühren

Our up coming LIVE event will take place at the El Campanil Theatre and streaming ONLINE October 28-29, 2022 throughout the U.S.

SFO Short Film Festival is dedicated to short films created by College Film Students, High School Students, and Independent filmmakers. Cash awards are awarded in support of future film projects and Certificate of Awards are given to symbolize a record of accomplishment.

SHORT FILM CATEGORY SUBMISSION: (Minimum length 5 minutes; No longer than 20 minutes, including credits.)

1) Independent Filmmaker Short Film
2) SFO Film Student Challenge Competition
3) High School Short Film Competition


Best Short Film: Drama/Action/Crime/Suspense/Thriller
Best Short Film: Comedy/Romance
Best Short Film: Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Best Short Film: Animation


 Fiktion  Dokumentarfilm  Animation  Fantastisch  Terror  Andere  Experimental

Photo of SFO Short Film Festival

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