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31 May 2018

Published: 27 Mar 2018
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Zaragoza, capital city, has been the land of moviegoers, precursors of "cineclub" and enthusiastic growers of independent and amateur cinema. The fact that the first Spanish film to be preserved, Salida de misa de doce del Pilar (1899), was shot in the Plaza de El Pilar by some Zaragoza artists, the Jimeno, started a relationship between the city and the cinema that persists today.

Proof of this special relationship are not only the different festivals and events that take place in Zaragoza, but also the training schools in the audiovisual language or the activities aimed at showing the enjoyment of the seventh art.

In addition, this city, since always, has offered relative indexes of assistance to movie theaters that are among the first in Spain and Europe.

To highlight and reinforce this relationship between the city and the art of image, the City Council convened in 2018 the I Contest of audiovisual creations ZARAGOZA EN CORTO for audiovisual creations. Given the success of the first edition, Zaragoza City Council is committed to the continuity of this festival by organizing its II Audiovisual Creation Contest "ZARAGOZA EN CORTO" in the spring of 2019.

The contest is aimed at all those who show their particular vision of their surroundings, the richness of their architecture, their heritage, their anthropology, their culture, their linguistic diversity and their population, and that are linked to the landscapes of Zaragoza, to their creators and authors, and / or their audiovisual professionals (actors, writers, producers, musicians, technicians ...).

It also has a focus on the participation of schoolchildren from public and private training centers, with the idea of ​​promoting and promoting their creative, collaborative and participative capacity, through a playful event, in the improvement of their urban environment.

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Photo of Zaragoza en Corto
Photo of Zaragoza en Corto
Photo of Zaragoza en Corto
Photo of Zaragoza en Corto

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