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25 May 2022

Published: 24 May 2022
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The Bogota International Documentary Film Festival (MIDBO), organized by Colombia’s Documentary Filmmakers Guild ALADOS, is a non-fiction cinema specialized event that throughout the last 23 years has been consolidated in Colombia and Latin America as a fundamental space of the exhibition, dialogue, and thinking around non-fiction audiovisual.

Regarding the 24 MIDBO, we would like to invite latin and iberoamerican filmmakers and producers to submit their audiovisual works in our 2022 call for films and to participate in the varied formative and debate spaces that will take place virtually and on-site throughout the festival.

Emotion of the Real
Real Emotions

For the 24th edition of MIDBO we want to deeply explore Documentary from its capacity of generating and conveying emotions. Documentary emotion, in the sense of moving, but also of capturing the reality in movement.

This year we aim to challenge the idea of a format that communicates information, which is often understood as rational or analytical, and we seek to connect the documentary with various ways in which affection is expressed in the cinema of the real.

With this approach, we seek to dismantle prejudices and reduce distances around the format to communicate to broader audiences, as well as further develop these issues with specialized audiences. At the same time, aspects such as sound experimentation, music, and voice in documentaries will be essential in this call.

Recognizing the tradition of the Colombian documentary, we want to open the call to the affections generated by belonging to or displacement from the territory. We observe this affection for the land and nature from the number of transits and forced displacements that populations, communities and individuals make through it. The current environmental crisis in protected places of the planet, considered legal entities, relate this call to the thoughts of non-urban communities and in a global environment.

The special program Espejos continues with a series of films that show emerging cinema produced by collectives and communities or films that deal with social and political problems. In relation to the general call, in this section we seek to emphasize the consequences of climate change and the environmental crisis.

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Photo of Muestra Internacional Documental De Bogotá
Photo of Muestra Internacional Documental De Bogotá
Photo of Muestra Internacional Documental De Bogotá
Photo of Muestra Internacional Documental De Bogotá

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