Women`s Film Carnival

Delhi, India


25 Feb 2023

Published: 17 Aug 2022
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The Initiative was taken by well experienced and well connected Media Professionals with aim to provide a platform for Women Directors, Producers, Editors, Writers and Cinema Lovers to share their works. We give a space for women in all areas of filmmaking to share their stories, experiences, and expertise. As we strongly believes that Media in our society can be reshaped to have a stronger positive impact on our society, If we educate and empower more Women to work in the medium, take part and active involvement in ownership of the industry, and educate the people on these issues. We wants to shine a light on Women being overlooked for jobs with the lack of equal opportunity that is given in the Film and Television industry and create conversations and opportunities for Women to develop an industry that has equal opportunity.

Schedule - This three-day film and entertainment carnival, consisting of Indoor and Outdoor red carpet film screenings, fashion shows, workshops, and of course Food Court. It's a celebration of women and all who love women. Films and Screenings are selected and hosted by filmmakers, professors, and other notable figures in the world of film. In addition to exhibiting the next new wave of women filmmakers, We will also makes time to pay tribute to films by Women with Historical significance.

Screening Venue – Hall No. 2, IInd Floor, University Of Delhi, North Campus, in the capital city, New Delhi, India for it's 2nd annual festival.

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Photo of Women`s Film Carnival
Photo of Women`s Film Carnival
Photo of Women`s Film Carnival
Photo of Women`s Film Carnival

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