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01 Jul 2024

Published: 16 Apr 2024
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The Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia organizes Sitges FanPitch (Sitges FanLab), its pitch competition for feature film and serialized production projects, for the tenth consecutive year.

Sitges FanPitch is an international pitching competition focused on feature films and serialized production in development with themes of horror, science fiction, and/or fantasy. The event will take place in a hybrid format on October 6 and 7, 2024, as part of the Sitges Festival.

A maximum of five series and a maximum of seven feature films from around the world will be selected. Additionally, projects selected by the Festival at collaborating film markets of Sitges FanPitch will also be included.

The creators of the selected projects will have the opportunity to pitch their projects and meet with participating companies. Moreover, the five winning feature film projects will have the chance to receive travel grants for international circulation.

This year, the Feratum Film Festival, located in Mexico, joins the Sitges FanPitch market circuit and will select one project to be part of the next Feratum Residencyand, at the same time, we create an extra section dedicated to projects in Catalan entitled Catalunya Imaginaria.

In the series category, one winning project will be selected and awarded a cash prize for its development.

For the fourth consecutive year, this edition will be complemented by the Showrunners LAB, a seminar providing introduction and advice on the figure of the showrunner. Selected series projects will have the opportunity for individual mentoring sessions with participating showrunners.


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Photo of Sitges FanPitch
Photo of Sitges FanPitch
Photo of Sitges FanPitch
Photo of Sitges FanPitch

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