Vila-real Short Film International Festival


14 Oct 2020
Call for entries

25 Oct 2020
Festival closed

24 Nov 2020
Notification date

23 Nov 2020
27 Nov 2020


-,  -, Vila-real, Castellón, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival 20'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 October 2019
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  20'<
 Any language
Catalan Spanish
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This festival is not currently open for submissions.

Festival start: 23 November 2020      Festival end: 27 November 2020

CineCulpable is the Vila-real Short Film International Festival. In 2020, we arrive at 23th edition.

This edition is open to all artists who submit their work in any of the official languages in
the Valencian Community: Spanish or Valencian.

Best Short Film Award: 3,000 €
Best Provincial Short Film Award: 1,500 €
Best Short Film in Valencian: 600 €
Best Direction: 600 €
Best Actor: 600 €
Best Actress: 600 €
Audience Award: 900 €


It is the object of these rules to regulate the celebration of an International Short Film Festival in the city of Vila-real as an instrument to promote the audiovisual production of short-term works called Cineculpable.
This Festival promotes cultural and artistic growth, inside and outside Vila-real, the impulse to future filmmakers and filmmakers and support for new short films.

2.1. Festival Address
The direction of the Festival will be assumed by the councilor delegated of Youth and the personnel of the Department of Youth in collaboration with the producing company.
 Selection of the Selection Committee and the Jury of each edition
 Preparation of the final act of the winners adding the votes cast by each member of the jury
 Completion of all necessary administrative procedures
 Organization, coordination and logistics
 Production
 Carrying out activities

2.2. Selection committee
Composition and selection criteria
The Selection Committee will be chosen by the Festival Directorate and will be made up of Festival volunteers in a number not less than FOUR (4). They will be professionals with proven criteria and recognized trajectory in the field of short film.
 Viewing all the work received
 Selection of the short films that will enter the contest in the different sections awarded at this Festival
Valuation Criteria
The Selection Committee will assess all aspects related to the works: ideas, script, direction, realization, interpretation, style, editing and photography, positively valuing the artistic quality over the production.

2.3. Jury
Composition and selection criteria
The Festival Directorate will propose a number of not less than FIVE (5) people professionally qualified and related to the world of cinema and audiovisual (university professors, screenwriters, directors, winners of previous editions ...), recognized in their field of specialization at the level national.
The Festival Directorate may appoint, if necessary, a member of the Jury to act as its president and represent the Jury on the day of the awards ceremony.
 Viewing the short films selected for the contest
 Voting in each of the sections collected, whose total vote count will result in the winners of each category.
Valuation Criteria
Of the short films selected for the contest, the Jury will evaluate from 1 to 10 all aspects related to the works and that are important in each category, such as the idea of ​​the short, the script, the direction (especially in the prize for the Best director, but that will also be a criterion to value in the other categories), performance, interpretation, style, assembly and photography. In addition, the artistic quality of the production will be positively valued.

3.1. features
This edition is open to any artist who presents his work in any of the official languages ​​of the Valencian Community: Spanish or Valencian.
Short films made in any other language may also be submitted as long as they are subtitled in one of the two official languages ​​of the Valencian Community, never dubbed.
The short films made entirely in Valencian will be those that will be able to qualify for the distinction of Best short in Valencian, but not those that are dubbed or subtitled, since this award tries to promote and strengthen said language. Bilingual short films that contain Valencian as one of their chosen languages ​​for the short film may also qualify for this award.
All the short films, regardless of the genre they are and their origin (local, provincial, national and international), opt for the maximum prize for Best Short Film.
The Festival will consist of:
 Best Short Film Award
 Manuel Villarreal Award. This prize is within the Official Section and only provincial short films that meet the requirements specified in section 3.2, point 1 may access it.
 Best Short in Valencian
 Best Address
 Better Male Interpretation
 Best Female Interpretation
 Audience Award

3.2. Requirements
1. All short films that meet at least one of the following characteristics may participate in the Provincial Section:
to. have been shot in the province of Castellón (the place where it has been filmed must appear on the back of the registration form)
b. the director, the directors or one of the directors was born in the province of Castellón
C. the director, the directors or one of the directors has his habitual domicile in the province of Castellón
In the cases b. and c. Photocopy of the DNI or certificate of registration of the director or directors must be presented to verify that he or she is born or resides in the province of Castellón.
2. A maximum of ONE (1) work per author produced between October 20, 2019 and October 25, 2020 will be admitted
3. Advertising or institutional works will not be accepted
4. The maximum duration of the works will be 20 minutes, including credits
5. The theme will be free and those works selected by the Selection Committee designated by the Festival management may participate in the contest
6. All copies that do not meet the minimum technical qualities for subsequent projection and all those works that are not duly completed with all the requirements expressed in these bases will be rejected
7. Any person responsible for the organization of the Festival is excluded from participation.
8. The Festival management reserves the right to pass out of competition, Off Cineculpable, works that it considers of a high level but that have not been chosen for the Official Section
9. Within Off Cineculpable, those works that may be nominated in other categories than the Best Short Film Award may be screened

1. The deadline for the presentation of the short films will be from the day of the final publication of these bases on the Festival's website and social networks until October 25, 2020.
2. The short film will be presented through the Festhome platform, on the web www.festhome.com. Registration must be done according to the procedures and rules stipulated on this page.
3. Registration fees through the Festhome platform will be borne by the participant.

1. The Festival management will appoint a Selection Committee to shortlist the finalists. The Committee will consist of volunteers from the festival with training and experience in the audiovisual world.
2. The works preselected by the Selection Committee will be sent to each member of the Jury, who will assign a winner and two finalists per category and send the result to the Festival Directorate at most TEN (10) days before the start of the contest. The Festival organization will prepare an act with the results of the Jury votes.
3. The Jury together with the Festival Direction reserve the right to leave any prize void in response to the quality, both artistic and technical, of the shorts.
4. Likewise, the Festival Management reserves the right to create a second prize because it considers necessary the recognition of any other section of the shorts (music, credits, photography, graphic design ...)
5. The Prize of the public will be assigned through the votes deposited in the ballot box after each session of the short films that enter the contest
6. The Festival Management is not responsible for the cancellation of any member of the Jury assigning the vote to the Festival management

1. The Festival may use photographs, images or voice fragments of the short films received for the promotion of the Festival in press, radio and television
2. The owners of each work grant authorization for the use of a fragment of the short film (maximum one minute) for its dissemination as an information material in any media
3. The participants authorize that, in the event of being finalists or winners of the festival, their name and surnames are published on the website of the City Council of Vila-real, the website of the festival (www.cineculpable.es), as well as in the media deemed necessary for the purpose of dissemination and promotion of the festival
4. All participants will accept the bases, as well as the resolution given by the organizers to the unforeseen events that may arise
5. Participants authorize, by registering, all actions within the programming and promotion of the Festival and its parallel sections that involve the total or partial projection, non-profit, of the works submitted to the competition. This authorization allows the dissemination and projection in any center dependent on the City Council of Vila-real, cultural centers inside and outside the municipality, as well as in other municipalities whenever it is a non-profit activity and with prior authorization of the Department of Youth of the Vila-real town hall

The prizes of the current edition of the Cineculpable Short Film Festival will be awarded according to the technical quality of the works, positively valuing the content that contributes to disseminate socio-cultural, aesthetic and artistic values.
The following economic awards are established together with the figurine of the Cineculpable Festival
 Best Short Film Award: € 3,000
 Manuel Villarreal Award: € 1,500
 Best Short in Valencian: € 600
 Best Address: € 600
 Best Male Interpretation: € 600
 Best Female Interpretation: € 600
 Audience Award: € 900
The presence of the winners will be mandatory in the section Best Short Film, Manuel Villarreal Award, Best Direction, Best Male Performance and Best Female Performance. If they cannot attend, failing that, they can be sent to a duly accredited representative, related or directly linked to the short film. If they do not confirm attendance one week before the awards ceremony, it is understood that the prize is waived and that prize will be awarded to the next or next selected in the same category.
The Festival Management reserves the right to resolve unforeseen events that may arise as it deems appropriate. The decision taken will be final.
The prizes mentioned will be subject to withholding provided for in the Lay of the Income Tax of Individuals and in the rest of the corresponding regulations.

The rules will be published on the Festival's website www.cineculpable.es and on its social networks.

The personal data collected in the present call, as well as of the people who participate in the provision of the services, will be treated by the parties, according to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, with the purpose of maintenance of the agreed relationship and will not be treated further in a manner incompatible with that purpose. Such data is necessary, so that if it is not provided, the desired relationship between the parties cannot be created.
The legal basis that legitimizes the treatment is the contractual relationship between the parties. The data will not be transferred to any third party except for legal obligations. They will be kept up to date and for the duration of the contractual relationship and at least another 5 years or until the administrative, fiscal or other legal obligations are met. In the case of the City Council, they will subsequently be kept for archival purposes in the public interest.
Those interested may exercise their data protection rights by writing to the registered office of the parties indicated at the beginning, indicating their ID or equivalent. In their case, they can file a claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.
In the case of the City Council, they can exercise their rights electronically at https://seuelectronica.vila-real.es and they can contact their Data Protection Delegate at the following address: dpd@vila-real.es.



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