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20 Aug 2024

공개됨: 22 Mar 2024
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The Santander Film Festival, with its main headquarters in Centro Botín, was born in September 2017 as a film week. Since then, it has been held every year with success in six editions and with great film professionals such as Isabel Coixet, Julio Medem, Antonio Resines, Carlos Saura and Pablo Trapero. Last year the week became a Festival, including two competitive categories, among other novelties that we will maintain in this new edition.

The Festival was born with a clear focus on creativity, entrepreneurship and youth, and these are precisely the traits that are reinforced edition after edition.

In the eighth edition we will maintain our desire to internationalize, programming a selection of the best Ibero-American films of the year, and also focusing on great film professionals to whom we will pay tribute through our retrospectives.

In addition, we will have multiple parallel activities, events and special screenings, as well as a reinforced industry section, with four meetings between professionals from the film industry, in order to address the new challenges it faces.

Like every year, the Festival acquires a strong commitment to sustainability, organizing an event to offset the carbon footprint in the Cinema Forest.

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Photo of Festival De Cine De Santander
Photo of Festival De Cine De Santander
Photo of Festival De Cine De Santander
Photo of Festival De Cine De Santander

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