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28 Jul 2024

Опубликовано: 14 May 2024
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“A festival focused on socio-environmental issues. In 2023, Gamboa Zinemaldia was born. We have also been expanding horizons, reaching more territories, thanks to the push of local agents. Gamboa Zinemaldia is now present in the council of Ullibarri-Gamboa. This second edition signifies a continuous process of change in a world of constant changes. The evolution of the festival in terms of conscious environmental action can be seen above all in a fundamental issue such as mobility.

At Gamboa Zinemaldia, we are committed to the use of more sustainable public transport. Education is one of the key skills on the path to an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable future, and therefore, it is one of the stars of the festival. This is especially noticeable in the Youth Section “Filmed in Ullibarri-Gamboa.” In the coming years, we hope for the maximum number of spectators to enjoy the screenings, and we seek to address issues of vital importance, creating a space for reflection and educational criticism, with audiovisual as a fundamental element in all its genres and formats.”

The Gamboa Zinemaldia festival is an invitation to feel, reflect, and act: cinema as an art for dialogue and social transformation. Since 2023, we have had the opportunity to enjoy this festival in Araba with two of its sections. The “Filmed in Ullibarri-Gamboa” section is aimed at the education of young people, covering an age range between 14 and 30 years old, etc. Participation is done with prior registration and includes, in addition to the screening of the short films that compete each year, looking for additional activities such as workshops and other educational material in subsequent editions. The official section is directed at the entire citizenry, with special emphasis on the involvement of the inhabitants of the council, and showcases the award-winning short films selected at the festival.

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Photo of Gamboa Zinemaldia
Photo of Gamboa Zinemaldia
Photo of Gamboa Zinemaldia
Photo of Gamboa Zinemaldia

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