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Опубликовано: 04 May 2020


Our VOD channel Indiehome is now called Festhome TV with a fully renovated interface.

Festhome TV is an integral tool that will allow you to host the films selected by your festival for its online exhibition, be it paid or free of charge for viewers (both options are available): you have at your disposal tools to move your films to different sessions, to control the tickets and viewing statistics, to create sessions (if necessary, you may choose different activation dates for each session). And you may also choose if you want the films shown in full HD or HDReady, if you want the films stored in your Vimeo PRO / Business account or in our own servers, if you want a basic or a full DRM protection (the cost varies with each combination of options you choose), if you want viewers from all over the world to have access to the festival of you’d rather block the access so that just a few countries can have it. Furthermore, you can create programmer and juror accounts, you may use the voting tool to create an audience award, and you may offer this online version of the festival for different viewing devices.

It’s a complete tool to host your festival online at a really affordable cost.

A close and recognisable example we can provide is the Mecal Pro, 22nd Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival: last March they contacted us seeing they couldn’t host the presential screenings they had organised. In just a few days we could set up a festival with more than 250 films in its online version, with similar sessions to those of their presential screenings and with a warm reception on the part of Mecal’s regular audience (the online version of which will remain open until May, 26th)

This proves that the current context does not imply your festivals are forced to disappear or be postponed, since you have another tool, Festhome TV, that will allow you to reformulate your festival and offer it to your audience in a different version, which in any case respects the event’s selection, choices and identity.

For further info: FesthomeTV homepage


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