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Vittorio Veneto, Italy

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23 Mar 2018

Published: 05 Mar 2018
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The Association 400 Colpi is a non-profit organization created with the aim of promoting films that, thanks to their language, style, story, and themes, are intended for both young and adult audiences.
vvfilmf is synonymous with film quality and represents a window into the youth world. It is not just a film festival. It's an experience. It's a significant cultural moment for young people that unites and cultivates.

Over the years, vvfilmf has created events that discover spaces for young people, workshops for the study of new forms of visual expression. #vvfilmf presents itself as an initiative aimed at the entire country and internationally, with the intention of meeting the expectations of both a young population and adult viewers.
The goal is to bring the general public closer to quality cinematic forms. Despite the festival's programming having a preferential audience of children, school-age youth, and university students, it enthusiastically opens its doors to adults and all those interested in cinematic art, fascinated by artistic and visual culture, passionate about education, pedagogy, educational fun, and simple entertainment.

The festival represents an excellent opportunity to showcase new educational paths, offering a constantly renewed program of cultural activities, and to propose, through the cinematic medium, respectful skills and fruitful reflections open to all school members.

vvfilmf boasts the High Patronage of the European Parliament, the Patronage of the Italian Council Presidency, the Ministry of Culture, Labor and Social Policies, Tourism, and almost all Italian Regions, many Provinces, and Municipalities.

Among the multi-year collaborations developed by #VVFILMF are those with RAI Cinema, the Foundation for Entertainment, and Lancia Europa, as well as with RAI Radio 2 and RAI Educational.

Thanks to the high quality of the film selection in competition and the professionalism demonstrated over the years, vvfilmf has been chosen by the President of the Biennale Foundation, Paolo Baratta, and the Director of the Venice International Film Festival, to select a group of young jurors and accompany them into the world of international cinema during the Venice International Film Festival.

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Photo of vvfilmf - Festival Internazionale di Cinema per Ragazzi
Photo of vvfilmf - Festival Internazionale di Cinema per Ragazzi
Photo of vvfilmf - Festival Internazionale di Cinema per Ragazzi
Photo of vvfilmf - Festival Internazionale di Cinema per Ragazzi

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