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15 Sep 2020

Published: 02 Jul 2020
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The Esseoesse Cultural Association announces the competition "CortoDino - International Film Festival Dino De Laurentiis -X Edition". The Metropolitan city of Naples, the Giorgio De Chirico Secondary School of Art and Communication, the other secondary schools of Torre Annunziata and the Vesuvian area, the main cultural associations and the of the Vesuvian and Campanian area will collaborate in the event.

The competition came about from the desire to remember and celebrate, in his hometown and in terms not only commemorative, but proactive, the figure and the work of Dino De Laurentiis. The main objective of the initiative is therefore to create an opportunity for meeting, debate and awareness of young filmmakers who enter the cinema landscape, in which the influence left by the illustrious Torrese has certainly been significant, while at the same time promoting cinematographic culture through the inclusion of disadvantaged people and the research and promotion of works by talents from Campania, and also national and international.

The presence of the world of associations and that of the school is the clearest sign of the purpose of connecting in particular with the world of young people.

The organization will nominate a Selection Committee that will have the task of choosing the works to be submitted to the judgment of the Public Jury, formed by the spectators at the screenings, and of the Artistic Jury. The latter, made up of experts in the sector, having evaluated the voting indications of the Public Jury, will proclaim, at its sole discretion, the winners among the works selected in the various categories.

The prizes, consisting of hand decorated lava stone, will be awarded to the winners of the following categories:

- Best Italian Short Film;
- Best International Short Film;
- Best Short Film “Over”;
- Best Short Film “Talento Campano”;
- Best Short Film School;
- Best Documentary;
- Best Animated Short Film

The "Talento Campano" prize is reserved to the author, born in Campania, of the best classified film.

Prizes will be awarded only with the presence of at least 3 works in competition.

The Artistic Jury reserves the right to report, in addition to the awarded, works and artists deemed to merit "Special Mention".

Festival Management will award prizes during the event:

- Manolo Bolognini to the most distinguished producer in the last year;
- Giuria del pubblico;
- Cortodino alla Carriera to established artists of cinema and entertainment;
- Buon Vento to young emerging artists;

and can award the prizes:

- Matrix to the results of the new frontiers in audio-visuals(virtual reality, video art, video mapping, web series, etc.).

- Wewé to the authors of videos, also made on smartphones and published on social media, that reflect real life in Campania.

- The works in foreign languages, under penalty of exclusion, must have Italian subtitles.

CortodinoFF launched in 2018 a national awareness campaign in favour of the deaf so that people with this disability can take advantage of the cinema show thanks to the subtitling in Italian of the films.

With the same merit, the Selection Committee will consider the works containing subtitles in Italian as the preferred choice.

Reports and related links must be sent to

The Organization reserves the right to make improvements and/or additions to the categories and nature of the prizes.

The selected works will be published on the site indicated (
The winners will be notified in advance to ensure their presence at the awards ceremony. For the awarding of prizes, it is necessary for the author or a delegated attend the event.

The awards will be presented by well-known personalities from the world of film, directly to the winners or their delegates. For winners coming from outside the Campania region facilities can be provided for their stay in the city, to be agreed with the organization.

The non-participation of the author, or delegate, at the final awards evening, does not oblige the organization to send the prize to the residence of the winner.

The Organization, in case the obligations of social distancing persist due to the pandemic from Covid19:

- Reserves the right to allow the public to watch the films in competition with the help of streaming platforms;

- will virtually deliver the prizes through a live streaming published on the Cortodino page and website; the presence of guests and winners will be allowed via the web by conferencing services.

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Photo of Cortodino Film Festival Dino De Laurentiis
Photo of Cortodino Film Festival Dino De Laurentiis
Photo of Cortodino Film Festival Dino De Laurentiis
Photo of Cortodino Film Festival Dino De Laurentiis

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