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01 Oct 2022

Published: 05 Sep 2022
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The Manuel Trujillo Duran Foundation and the Maracaibo Film Festival Foundation, together with other organizations and institutions of regional and national prestige, present the VIII Edition of the FCM scheduled for November 21 to 26, 2022, which this time includes an academic event aimed at the discussion and analysis of new trends in the area of ​​communication pedagogy with long-standing national and international guests, maintaining its customary schedule of workshops, talks and exhibitions both in person and online.

This year 2022 we hope to culminate within the best expectations to create, promote and spread new and unprecedented ways of telling, hearing and seeing stories from the community itself and to the whole world. Local stories are transformed and gain global importance, because they are vital and unique testimonies of people, individuals and communities, hence the importance of maintaining a cinematographic and audiovisual event that records our experiences in Maracaibo.

In this 8th edition we have the support of: CNAC, Festival de Cine de Barquisimeto, Festival de Cine de Guayana, CAM Lía Bermúdez, FEDA LUZ, Cingaro Cine, Mestizo Producciones, Fe y Alegría, La Gárgola Film.

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Photo of Festival de Cine de Maracaibo
Photo of Festival de Cine de Maracaibo
Photo of Festival de Cine de Maracaibo
Photo of Festival de Cine de Maracaibo

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