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30 Apr 2023

Published: 04 Feb 2023
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We are thrilled to announce the new Roswell Daily Record Film Festival.

The Roswell Daily Record published a historic article about a crashed UFO on July 8, 1947. The government confirmed a flying disc had been recovered, only to change the story the next day. The debate about the actual events around Roswell in 1947 continues to this day.

This festival is oriented to ufo, paranormal, cryptozoology and unexplained worlds productions.

Together with the RDR´s Roswell Incident and FICUFP, the Roswell Daily Record Film Festival joins the investigation into the unexplained with research on these topics.

At the festival, you will see films, documentaries, TV and web series with the presence of special guests like directors, producers, and actors from the film and Television industry, as well as content creators from online platforms like Youtube.

The call for entries ends on April 30, 2023, and the Film Festival will take place on June 30th, July 1 and 2.

Stay tuned for more amazing news and updates!

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Photo of Roswell Daily Record Film Festival
Photo of Roswell Daily Record Film Festival

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