Bogotá Horror Film Festival

Bogotá, Colombia

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26 Aug 2023

Published: 12 Feb 2023
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This time to bring to the Colombian stage all the productions and experiences that have already turned Latin America with great and successful results because they are increasingly sought after and recognized by the public.

What is the mission?

Become one of the main platforms for promotion, circulation, exhibition and distribution of horror, suspense and / or science fiction audiovisual works in the country with the purpose of publicizing and supporting quality productions to promote the evolution of cinema, favoring the development of the industry and to screen films of this kind on a large scale.
With the spirit of exchange that characterizes the Latin American universe, the Bogotá Horror Film Festival will provide venues for meeting professionals from the sector and their audience; a public alive and eager of searches that take them to transcend in the human thing.

What is the Vision of the Festival?

Bogotá Horror Film Festival is a cultural event that aims to create a space where you can live together, share and disseminate the best of cinema genres of horror, suspense and / or science fiction, Latin American and the world. Lovers of this type of cinema, besides being spectators, will have the opportunity to participate in different dynamics, screenings, talks, workshops and much more.

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Photo of Bogotá Horror  Film Festival
Photo of Bogotá Horror  Film Festival
Photo of Bogotá Horror  Film Festival
Photo of Bogotá Horror  Film Festival

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