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Bucharest, Romania

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01 Sep 2024

Published: 14 Oct 2023
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Wallachia International Film Festival is a highly professional, industry connected film festival, an exclusive independent grassroots film festival taking place in an exquisite location in Downtown Bucharest, only hundreds of meters away from Dracula’s former court in the grand Old Town!

We won multiple cinema prizes including important awards at major film festivals, like Cannes, Locarno, Montreal, London, Milan, Miami and Atlanta. Also, our advertising work received accolades at Clio, Effie, In-Awe, Lion Awards, ANDY Awards and Ad’Or, while working for companies like Coca-Cola, UNICEF, McDonalds, Renault, Yahoo! and Nestlé-Purina.

But there’s nothing we love more than indulging ourselves with cinematic candies from all over the world, under the autumn night sky of Wallachia. We will be arguing for a long time about which ones we feel are the best, and about the most promising unproduced screenplays.

Welcome to Wallachia, the Legendary Land of Voivode Vlad III Dracula, universally known as Vlad the Impaler. Born in 1431, Vlad was an authoritarian Principe, he revolutionized the affairs of Wallachia and refused to pay tribute to the sultan Mehmed II, resulting in a bloody war with the Ottomans. Multiple works containing stories about Vlad's cruelty were published soon after his assassination in 1475. In 1897, Bram Stoker downgrades Prince Vlad to Count Dracula, a blood-sucking vampire inspired by Wallachian ancient folklore. Loosely based on the book, Dracula (1931) casts immortal Bela Lugosi as the doomed romantic Count.

Just think cinétopia! Feel hundreds of years of mythic Wallachian history under the night sky! It’s a 100% natural film affair!

We watch all movies, we read all screenplays and we select exclusively based on artistic merits.

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Photo of Wallachia International Film Festival
Photo of Wallachia International Film Festival
Photo of Wallachia International Film Festival
Photo of Wallachia International Film Festival

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