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10 Jan 2024

Published: 06 Dec 2023
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The 2nd CINE RO – Rondônia Film Festival, scheduled to be held from March 1st to 9th, 2024, is a cinematic event that celebrates the diversity and richness of national and international cinema. This unique festival offers a platform for filmmakers from all over Brazil and the world to showcase their work, with a special focus on productions that reflect the various facets of society.

Featuring a hybrid format, the festival will take place both in-person and virtually, providing wide access to a diverse audience through its official website and social media channels. This innovative format allows the festival to reach audiences beyond the geographical borders of Rondônia, promoting a more inclusive and accessible cinematic experience.

CINE RO accepts a wide range of works, including fiction shorts, documentaries, animations, experimental films, student films, music videos, and national feature-length films. With diverse categories, the festival highlights the creativity and talent present in different genres and formats, from short-duration works to more extensive narratives.

The festival is also characterized by its thematic showcases, such as the Women's Showcase, Blackness Showcase, Indigenous Showcase, Diversity Showcase, among others, reflecting its commitment to addressing and giving visibility to relevant social themes and promoting cultural diversity.

The festival's registration process occurs online, through the official website and partner platforms, ensuring a transparent and accessible selection process. The selected films will not only be screened during the festival but will also have the chance to compete in various categories, with awards designed to recognize and honor the highlights in each segment.

The 2nd CINE RO – Rondônia Film Festival is more than an event; it is a celebration of cinema as a medium of artistic, cultural, and social expression. With its wide range of films, thematic showcases, and inclusive approach, the festival establishes itself as an important landmark in the cultural calendar of Rondônia and Brazil.

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Photo of 2º Cine Ro - Rondônia Film Festival
Photo of 2º Cine Ro - Rondônia Film Festival
Photo of 2º Cine Ro - Rondônia Film Festival
Photo of 2º Cine Ro - Rondônia Film Festival

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