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Moscow, Russia

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01 Dec 2024

Published: 16 Jan 2024
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Short films

About the festival:

The International Short Film Festival "Movie Mouse" is an ANNUAL short film competition with an official award ceremony for the winners.

The festival organizers reserve the right to hold the award ceremony in any format, including physically at the venue, online, or as a simple announcement of the results on the festival's website and mailing diplomas and awards to participants.

The festival was created to identify talented filmmakers and promote short films.

The organizers of the festival are the film company "Mouse and Husband production" /

The date of the THIRD SEASON of the festival is January 10-12, 2025*


, the date of announcement of the results for the stages
December 15, 2024.

*The date and venue of the next festival is indicated on the official website of the film festival and on the application platforms and can be changed by the organizers no later than 12/15/2024

Feature films
Animated films
Documentary films


1-DRAMA - The best feature film-drama (feature short film in the genre of drama/ melodrama/ psychological drama) lasting from 10 to 40 minutes

2-SUPER-SHORT is the best drama Feature Film (a short feature film in the genre of drama/ melodrama/ psychological drama) lasting up to 10 minutes.

3 - Best ACTION Feature Film (Detective/Horror/Action Short Film) - Category 18+

4- COMEDY - Best Feature Film-Comedy (feature short film in the comedy genre)

5-DOC - Best Documentary (documentary short film of any genre)

6-ANIMATION - The best animated film (animated short film of any genre)

7- DEBUT - The Best feature debut and student Film

8- CHILDREN - Best Short Film for children and teenagers (category 0+)

9- TRAILER - The best trailer of an existing short film (up to 2 minutes in length)

Additional nominations:
Best Director
The best scenario
Best Actor/Actress
Best Cinematography

The best technical solution (special award "KinoMuzH")
The audience voting prize (determined by the number of likes on the poster at 12:00 on the day preceding the day of the Closing Ceremony of the festival - voting takes place on the festival website)

* Submitted projects are reviewed and evaluated by a professional jury consisting of at least three Russian and international experts in the field of cinematography.

All films sent by cinematographers are reviewed by the jury members, after which some of them separately in each category are included in the official selection (LONGLIST).
Depending on the number of films that have been officially selected, further selection stages are formed in each category – QUARTERFINAL, SEMIFINAL, final (SHORT LIST), nominees (NOMINEE) for the award, winner (WINNER) - the Grand Prix of the festival.

The organizers of the festival reserve the right to carry out the selection both sequentially in all stages, and skip some of them, depending on the number of participants in each category.

Semi-finalists in each category are invited to the award ceremony (if it is physically held) on the festival's website. All authors who have sent a film to participate in the competition program can also apply to the organizers of the festival to attend the official award ceremony.

The winner of the Grand Prix in each category (the winner in the nomination) is announced from among the nominees. Awarding in additional nominations is at the discretion of the organizers. (The organizers can choose the winners in all or in some categories at their discretion or not choose them at all).

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Photo of Международный фестиваль короткометражного кино ’КиноМышь’
Photo of Международный фестиваль короткометражного кино ’КиноМышь’
Photo of Международный фестиваль короткометражного кино ’КиноМышь’
Photo of Международный фестиваль короткометражного кино ’КиноМышь’

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