01 Sep 2024

Published: 01 Feb 2024
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Short films

The Trash Basté festival was born in 2021, thanks to our passion for the Trash and Gore genres. In its first edition we screened a sample of short films trash, gore, terror... and low budget. Due to the great reception of the public, we decided to make a second edition in 2022 transforming it into a festival, where we include a market with terrifying products and a final party concert with horror-punk and extreme metal bands, without forgetting a bar service at popular prices. In the third edition, apart from the usual exhibition, as a novelty we had a section with short films in competition that is here to stay.

Since our beginnings, we have been enemies of censorship and we like to project the most bizarre and bloody shorts we can find. So don't be shy, we're looking for you to send us those crappy shorts with blood made with your friends, without a budget and with grace, with a lot of blood and dismemberments... We like offensive shorts. It's all good for us if it's dark, bloody, terrifying, fantastic or trash.

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Photo of Trash Basté
Photo of Trash Basté
Photo of Trash Basté
Photo of Trash Basté

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