Gentium Film Fest

Tricase, Italy

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10 Jul 2024

Published: 03 Mar 2024
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Mediterranean Film Festival. A journey through the cultures of the Mediterranean

A festival that celebrates the diversity and beauty of Mediterranean cultures through cinema and focuses on the different cultures of the Mediterranean, screening films that explore people's traditions, stories and life experiences.

“Gentium” is a Latin term that refers to “gentiums” or “peoples”. In the context of Roman law, “lus Gentium” was the set of rules based on natural reason (naturalis ratio) that were observed in the same way by all peoples. These rules were considered universal and applicable to all cultures and societies. Therefore, in the context of the film festival, “Gentium” could symbolize the unity and common humanity of all Mediterranean cultures.

Objective: to promote the cultural and cinematic diversity of the Mediterranean, facilitate cultural and artistic exchange between countries in the region and provide a platform for emerging and established filmmakers.

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Feature film festival

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Photo of Gentium Film Fest
Photo of Gentium Film Fest
Photo of Gentium Film Fest
Photo of Gentium Film Fest

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