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27 Apr 2024

Published: 13 Apr 2024
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The Teatro Comunale of Modena, within the frame of Modena Belcanto Festival and in collaboration with the Associazione Circuito Cinema and Sala Truffaut, announces the VOX/IMAGE competition for short films on the theme of Belcanto. The subject of the short videos will be vocality understood not only in a lyrical context but in its broadest sense.


Modena Belcanto Festival is born from Modena Città del Belcanto, an event that in May 2024 will characterize the initiatives promoted as part of a project that the Municipality of Modena, the Modena Foundation, the Modena Municipal Theater Foundation and the Vecchi-Tonelli Conservatory of Music. The four institutions have set up a committee that has been working successfully for seven years to enhance the city's opera tradition and its musical heritage, opening up to many collaborations with other institutions in the area.

From 2024 the program that accompanies and marks these initiatives will take the form of a festival with the aim of enhancing the entertainment, training and research activities, which have already consolidated the tradition of Belcanto in Modena. To these will be added cultural references and different languages: from opera to ancient music through electronics, pop and media arts.
The artistic aspect is accompanied by the tourist attractiveness of the city and its high cultural profile which is now widely established at an international level, with increasingly greater recognition in recent years. The festival was created to broaden the perspective on the valorization of bel canto and vocality in its broadest sense, in the context of the territory, city and regional, of its protagonists and its history. This is associated with innovative aspects such as attention to new creativity, with express reference to Modena UNESCO Creative City.

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