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Vittorio Veneto Film Festival - Kids and Teens International Film Festival


09 Jan 2020
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02 Jun 2020
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02 Aug 2020
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02 May 2018
05 May 2018


Via Calcada, 10,  31029, Vittorio Veneto, Treviso, Italy

Festival description
Kids and Teens
Feature film festival >60' 120'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2015
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Feature Films  >60' 120'<
English Italian
English Italian
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Photo of Vittorio Veneto Film Festival - Festival Internazionale di Cinema per Ragazzi
Photo of Vittorio Veneto Film Festival - Festival Internazionale di Cinema per Ragazzi
Photo of Vittorio Veneto Film Festival - Festival Internazionale di Cinema per Ragazzi
Photo of Vittorio Veneto Film Festival - Festival Internazionale di Cinema per Ragazzi


Festival start: 02 May 2018      Festival end: 05 May 2018

Vittorio Veneto Film Festival (vvfilmf) is a non-profit organization created with the aim promoting films which, due to their language, style, story and the themes they deal with, are destined both for youthful audiences and adult audiences. vvfilmf is synonymous of the quality of the films, and it represent a window over the world of youth. It is not simply a Film Festival. It is an experience. It is a big cultural moment for young people combining and culture.

During the years, vvfilmf creates events that finds out spaces for youth, labs for the study of new forms of are expression.

For seven years, we are the only kids and teens international film festival in the World what, annually, brings a group of young jurors at the Venice Film Festival.

The juries will consist of 1.500 young people who will award the best film of each division with the

VVFilmF. The Quality Jury, consisting in experts, critics, journalists, film producers and distributors, will award the best movie, taking part to the contest, with the PRIZE 400COLPI.
Each decision taken by the juries is unquestionable.


The VVfilmf will take place in Vittorio Veneto (Tv) from 2nd to 5th of May 2018. The official contest schedules 12 full-length films, divided in 6 divisions according to the age of the children who will watch and judge them:

-First division - + PICCOLI: for an audience aged between 6 and 8 years old (children attending the first and the second class of the primary school);
- Second division - S. AUGUSTA: for an audience aged between 8 and 11 years old (children attending the third, the fourth and the fifth class of the primary school);

- Third division - MONTE BALDO: for an audience aged between 11 and 14 years old (teens attending the three classes of the intermediate school);

- Fourth division - PIZZOC: for an audience aged between 14 and 16 years old (teens attending the first and second class of the high school);

- Fifth division - VISENTIN: for an audience aged between 16 and 25 years old (teens attending the third, fourth and fifth class of the high school).
In this division will be also included a little group of people attending University.

- Sixth division - + ALTI (Higher): composed by 100 jurors aged between 28 and 100 years old, who will be responsible to award a prize to the best film among the 3 proposed to them.

Terms to be admitted to the contest. We will accept only films produced from 2015 and inedited in Italy. All films already presented at other Italian festivals, in Italian cinemas or TV will be excluded from vvfilmf. A copy of the film in DVD has to be sent for the preliminary selection by 14th of February 2018, enclosing a printed copy of the on-line subscription receipt ( and signed copy of this regulation to the following address:

Associazione 400 colpi
Via Calcada n°10 31029
Vittorio Veneto – TREVISO ITALY

The delivery of materials for pre-selection is charged to the participants. The DVD will be returned only if the sender requests it. The Association 400colpi keeps a copy of the film at the Cine Library and may use it only for cultural and educational purposes excluding any commercial use. Will not be taken into consideration DVD or USB media received after the date of 28th of February 2018, or not accompanied by a signed receipt of the registration and regulation. Films coming after the deadline (28th of February 2018) or without subscription receipt and signed copy of this regulation won’t be accepted.

- Selection conditions Films selection will be carried out by the Festival General Director together with the vvfilmf Scientific Committee (experts of films, cinematography and communication and pedagogists). The results of the pre-selection will be directly communicated to the productions/distributors of the films by the 14th of March 2018.

- Participation Form The selected films have to send the application form downloaded from the website to be sent duly completed by 28th of February 2018 at the headquarters of the festival. The receipt of the form by the vvfilmf implies the legal acceptance of an invitation by all recipients, acceptance will be considered definitive and irrevocable.

- Program The invitation of the film must remain confidential until the announcement by the vvfilmf. The general scheduling and screening times are the sole responsibility of the Organizing Committee.

- Materials Once your admission to the Festival will be notified, you have to send the following materials:

- Trailer of the film (BetaSP or DVD). Max 3 mins;

- Press kit: • Biography, index of films and photo of film director (also via e-mail) • Comment by the film director on the film and production notes (also via e-mail) • Colour or b/w photo of the film (in cd/dvd, usb or via e-mail) • Brochures (in cd/dvd, usb or via e-mail) • Posters (in cd/dvd, usb or via e-mail) • The full dialogues list in english or the subtitles list (also via e-mail) • Copy of the film in dvd-hd or beta. Everything has to be sent by express courier – set apart from the copy of the film – to the following address:

Associazione 400 colpi Via Calcada n°10
31029 Vittorio Veneto – TREVISO ITALY

N.B.: The consent by the film production to the national and international TV broadcast of max 2 mins trail is necessary in order to promote the films present in the contest. The copy of the film for the screening has to be the same previously sent in DVD for the Festival preliminary selection. 6.4 - Catalogue All necessary equipment for the catalog of vvfilmf (synopsis, cast and crew, biography and filmography of the director, the director and photographs of actors and scenes from the film in b / w and color, short commentary on the film) must arrive as soon as possible and no later than 14th of March 2018 and must be marked “Material for catalog”.
- Promotional material for printing With an expedition apart, the holders of the films selected must send, by the 14th of March 2018, promotional materials (press book, digital images of the film and of the director, videos, audio clips, etc.) for distribution to the press and to potential buyers. The advertising and promotional material must strictly be marked as “Film Selected for the sixth edition of VVfilmf "and, if so, the phrase "World Premiere".

Every film selected will be sent only by courier and it must arrive to the Festival office (see address above) no later than 14th of March 2018 Each shipment has to be accompanied by pro forma invoice recording number of parcels, film length (in metres), film title and film value for customs duty (not more than 20$ for full-length films) and the caption “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY”. At the same time the sender has to e-mail to the Festival office a shipment notice provided with film title, number of parcels and shipment numbers (AWB).

- Copies of the films must be subtitled in English if they come from non-Anglophone countries.

- The copy for the screening of the film must be identical to the one sent for pre-selection. All films in competition will be screened in their original language, subtitled and dubbed into Italian in over sound.

- Preliminary selection No costs are due to enter the preliminary selection of vvfilmf. The shipment of dvd, entry form and signed regulation is in charge to the contestants.

- Films in competition The shipping costs of the material and for the screening of the film during the festival will be divided as follows: - the participant will cover the cost of sending the film from the place of origin to the place of the Festival; - the vvfilmf cover the cost of return.

- Insurance The insurance costs relative to the transportation roundtrip media will be covered by the participants.

- Insurance in Vittorio Veneto vvfilmf guarantees insurance for the time of storage of the film at our Festival. Anyway, film insurance value can not exceed the lab cost of a standard copy, according to Italian fees. The producers and distributors of all winning films are invited to donate a copy of the film on digital media in high definition, which will be filed at the Historical Archives of the Festival and intended for exclusive purposes of research and conservation, excluding any commercial use.

- Travel and hospitality costs The vvfilmf is glad to invite a delegate for each film selected for the contest (film director, producer, distributor, actor…). For the guests is expected hospitality (hotel, meals) from the day before the day of the screening to the day of Awards Ceremony.
vvfilmf can assure movements from airport of Treviso or Venice to Vittorio Veneto and from Vittorio Veneto to airport of Treviso or Venice, but it does not cover the travel costs from and to homeland. Travel costs are paid by the guest.
N.B. The production and distribution companies of the films selected are invited to support the participation in Vittorio Veneto Film Festival for additional delegates to promot film in competition.

The participation to the vvfilmf implies acceptance of these rules. It is the responsibility of producer, distributors or other parties presenting the film, to ensure they are legally authorized to enter the film. For any dispute concerning the interpretation of the Rules, the original text written in Italian will prevail. Outside of the cases already provided in the preceding articles, the general manager of vvfilmf has the right to regulate autonomously with absolute discretion any matter relating to the arts organization and logistics of vvfilmf. The General Director has also the task to suspend the enrollment of participants in special and motivated cases. Any dispute concerning the interpretation and application of this Regulation, shall be devolved to the functional jurisdiction of the Court of Treviso.



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