Countdown to submit to Tirana Int. Film Festival!

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公開済み: 03 Jun 2020


18th Tirana International Film Festival’s submission deadline on June 23

Tirana International Film Festival (TFI) is the most important cinematographic event that takes place in Albania. Not only because it is the oldest and most experienced but also for the high amount of applications, selective films’ capability, the rich program, fascinating discoveries and premieres of the most important cinematic films’ market today in the world.

TFI accept all length films from all European countries and around the world, made by prominent or young directors that treat a variety of themes that incite debates for different target audiences. Tirana Film Institute carries out its activities in organizing artistic, cultural and cinematographic film weeks, national and international festivals. TFI is also engaged at all times with film and audiovisual production, promotion and film distribution through various shows, screenings and publications. TFI has started a new successful experience as film distributor getting also support from Media-Creative Europe.

Oscar® qualifying festival: Recipients of the Tirana International Film Festival Best Short Film will be eligible for consideration in the Animated Short Film/ Live Action Short Film category of the Academy Awards®.
Also has received the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences award as an Oscar® qualifying for the Student Academy Awards (SAA). Are accepted submissions from International Film School Competition Categories include Animation, Documentary, and Narrative short films, that not exceed 30 minutes in length.

Don’t miss the chance and submit your work to one of these categories: Feature (all genres), EYE on TIFF (debut feature film competition), Short Live Action, Animation, Student, Video Art & Experimental, Documentary (all lengths), Balkan and In Albanian films.



June 19th, last day to submit to Oldenburg

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公開済み: 28 May 2020


Last few weeks to submit your film to the 27th Oldenburg International Film Festival

Founded in 1994, Oldenburg International Film Festival has a strong commitment to innovative and independent filmmaking. Internationally recognized as Germany's leading indie Film Fest.

Hailed as a festival which specialises in discovering emerging talents, Oldenburg’s acclaimed profile has its foundation in the independent section. From the early beginnings it was shaped by the versatility of an independent and passionate cinema and its creators. The festival has evolved while preserving its intimate atmosphere and founding purpose: to celebrate and support the diverse voices and visions of independent filmmakers, to honor the creativity of the artists upon which the festival depends, and to create a unique experience and inspiring meeting place for filmmakers, audiences, and media professionals.

In addition to supporting the discovery of new artists, Oldenburg has hosted German Premieres of films by such renowned authors as Darren Aronofsky, Brian De Palma, Steven Soderbergh, Michael Polish, Johnnie To, Chan-wook Park, and Takeshi Kitano, amongst others. Nicolas Cage, Seymour Cassel, Asia Argento, Keira Knightley, Mira Sorvino are also among many who have attended the event with their works as honored guests of the festival.

Oldenburg IFF is known as the 'European Sundance': Oldenburg International Film Festival has been labelled ‘the European Sundance' by Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Screen International, among others.

Don’t miss the chance to submit your SHORT or FEATURE FILM before 19th June!



Sant Joan d'Alacant festival is available online in Festhome TV

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公開済み: 22 May 2020


The Official category of the 20th Sant Joan d’Alacant Film Festival can be watched in Festhome TV from May 18th through May 24th.

We welcome yet another great festival, Goya Awards qualifying festival for short films, to Festhome TV.

You can watch the festival FOR FREE until May, 24th.

Circumstances derived from the Covid-19 pandemic have pushed us to organise the Sant Joan d’Alacant Film Festival in Festhome TV. The platform will remain open from may 18th through may 24th for online viewing from Spain, with a dedicated page for the festival and 30 short films selected for competition out of the 1086 short films that were submitted in the call for entries that closed last February.

Just like a traditional festival, the online event will be active for a limited time only, a week, and spectators will be able to get their tickets for free for the different sessions in which the short films are shown.

Like any other year, short films single out society's most pressing concerns. A clear example would be films dealing with abuse and sexual violence, like Alvaro Gago's 16 de Decembro (Gago received the Sundance Jury Award for Matria) or Ana Lambarri's recent 16 (a title which refers to the age of its main character, played by the young Alba Planas), which show the power of these themes in the world of short films (the La manada trial, the widespread ME TOO movement, etc).

You can check the list of 30 films here.



Celebrate Message to Man’s 30th birthday!

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公開済み: 22 May 2020


Message To Man International Festival will close its call for entries next May, 31st

The 30th anniversary edition of Message to Man International Film Festival will take place on September 11 – 19, 2020 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The last three decades saw the growth of this film festival, from the very first exalted celebration held during perestroika to impressive modern-day premieres in St. Petersburg’s Palace Square and master classes taught by the greatest film directors, attracting hundreds of people.

Just take a look at the list of last year’s winners to understand the place the film festival has taken in Russia and the world. The main competition winner was Luke Lorentzen’s “Midnight Family” (USA), which later made it to the Academy’s® shortlist. The Best Début prize was awarded to “Honeyland” (North Macedonia) directed by Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska that received not one, but two Oscar® Awards nominations.

This festival was founded to emphasize the important role of non-feature films in cultural life of the country and allow national documentary filmmakers to become more familiar with the world of international cinema. However, with years, the goals of the Festival had broadened and as a result, short fiction and animated films were added to the competition program. In recent years, “The In Silico” competition of experimental films has evolved into the festival’s most popular program. The Festival is supported by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Russian Federation, St. Petersburg City Government and Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg.

Recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) as international film festivals : The only international documentary, short and animated film festival in Russia and in the countries of former Soviet Union that is officially registered by the International Federation of Film Producers Association in Paris (FIAPF).

In addition, the festival will give away in excess of 9000 euros in cash prizes. They are getting ready to celebrate Message to Man’s 30th birthday and they look forward to receiving your new films. JOIN THE PARTY BEFORE MAY, 31ST!



The Warsaw Film Festival opens its calls for entries in Festhome!

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公開済み: 15 May 2020


This time we would like to give a warm welcome to Festhome to one of the most important festivals in the world: the Warsaw International Film Festival, prestigious festival with 35 plus years of history that takes place since 1985, and which in 2009 joined the elite group of events recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations as international film festivals - next to Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Locarno, San Sebastian, Tokyo, Moscow or Mar del Plata, among others.

Many qualities could be pointed out in the Warsaw IFF, but the main one may be the prestige its film programming has achieved: short and feature films of all kinds, categories and genres may find a place in the festival as long as their quality makes them worthy of it. About that, even though the festival screens films from every corner of the earth, it pays some particular attention to films from Poland and eastern Europe, and it is so not only in the screening schedule, but also in the professional events, the market, which is organised in Warsaw and in some occasions, through a network of international partnerships, in Moscow and Beijing as well.

The above mentioned international partnerships, such as the agency for the mutual promotion of Chinese and Eastern Europe films run with the Beijing based distribution company Film factory, are among the most stimulating initiatives developed by the festival. As proof of the international recognition gained by the festival, it is also a qualifying festival for the Oscar Awards®! given by the Hollywood Academy.

Warsaw International Film Festival's 36th edition, which will take place from October 9th through 18th, 2020, will also give out 11000 € in cash awards. Its call for entries will be open in Festhome until July, 31st, and it is a call for entries that no filmmaker should miss.



Last days to submit to Edmonton Int. Film Festival

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公開済み: 15 May 2020


May 15th, last day to submit your film to the 34th Edmonton International Film Festival (EIFF)

Established in 1986, Edmonton International Film Festival (EIFF), is held in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, just a couple of hours from the majestic Rocky Mountains. This festival from the plains of Alberta gives voice, platform and opportunity to filmmakers at all stages of their creative journey and from all parts of the world.

The festival's primary objective is to encourage and support the appreciation of cinema as art. Each autumn, EIFF hosts a 10-day cinematic feast that celebrates the power of film with more than 150 films from 40 countries, ranging from short to feature-length, dramatic to documentary, comedy to tragedy, and studio to independent. it also hosts filmmaker chats, Q&A's, gala screenings, a local filmmaker spotlight, 'buzzy' films that are traveling the festival circuit, professional lunches, parties and more.

The final Oscar® qualifying festival of the year!: Edmonton International Film Festival is an Academy® Awards qualifying festival for Live Action & Animation short films.

What are you waiting for? Send your SHORT OR FEATURE FILM before next Friday, May 15th!



Madrid FCM-PNR Film Festival opens in Festhome!

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公開済み: 08 May 2020


For the first time, the Festival De Cine De Madrid - PNR opens its call for entries in Festhome.

It’s a true pleasure for the Festhome team to welcome the Festival de cine de Madrid in our platform for the first time, festival run by the Plataforma de nuevos realizadores.

You may submit your film entries here.

The COVID-19 crisis will leave a mark on the festival's 29th edition, like in all other festivals. The Festival De Cine De Madrid - PNR will take place in October, 2020, from 6th through 11th.


The Festival De Cine De Madrid - PNR is already an event with its own identity in the city of Madrid. It is one of the oldest cinema related events in the city, and since its first edition in 1991 it has become established as an essential showcase for emerging productions to which it gives room and promotion, therefore gathering the best selection out of the diverse national film production that is not theatrically released in our country.

Focusing on films from new filmmakers, it is a meeting point in a permanent search for new narratives and creators in need of a new space from which they can be heard. Its own differentiated identity makes its audience grow stronger year after year and it is also renewed with new generations of viewers and authors, many of which will be in years to come the ones showing their films to the audience and who will be attracted by the latter, as has happened in all previous editions. Ultimately, it is one of the annual mandatory events for the film-going public in Madrid, and it has a relevant stature in the national festival circuit, which is one of the reasons why it is included in the pre-selection for the Best Short Film nomination for the Goya Awards organized by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science of Spain.

Video summary of the 28th Festival de cine de Madrid on Vimeo. Festival de cine de Madrid FCM-PNR on Vimeo.

In its last edition, the festival screened in excess of 200 films in 9 different theatres, and it also organized meetings with filmmakers and young programmers, national and international homages… It is an essential event for all filmmakers.



New Festhome TV for festivals

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公開済み: 04 May 2020


Our VOD channel Indiehome is now called Festhome TV with a fully renovated interface.

Festhome TV is an integral tool that will allow you to host the films selected by your festival for its online exhibition, be it paid or free of charge for viewers (both options are available): you have at your disposal tools to move your films to different sessions, to control the tickets and viewing statistics, to create sessions (if necessary, you may choose different activation dates for each session). And you may also choose if you want the films shown in full HD or HDReady, if you want the films stored in your Vimeo PRO / Business account or in our own servers, if you want a basic or a full DRM protection (the cost varies with each combination of options you choose), if you want viewers from all over the world to have access to the festival of you’d rather block the access so that just a few countries can have it. Furthermore, you can create programmer and juror accounts, you may use the voting tool to create an audience award, and you may offer this online version of the festival for different viewing devices.

It’s a complete tool to host your festival online at a really affordable cost.

A close and recognisable example we can provide is the Mecal Pro, 22nd Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival: last March they contacted us seeing they couldn’t host the presential screenings they had organised. In just a few days we could set up a festival with more than 250 films in its online version, with similar sessions to those of their presential screenings and with a warm reception on the part of Mecal’s regular audience (the online version of which will remain open until May, 26th)

This proves that the current context does not imply your festivals are forced to disappear or be postponed, since you have another tool, Festhome TV, that will allow you to reformulate your festival and offer it to your audience in a different version, which in any case respects the event’s selection, choices and identity.

For further info: FesthomeTV homepage



IN THE PALACE, qualifying festival for the Academy Awards® in 3 categories, will close submissions soon!

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公開済み: 01 May 2020


IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival's 17th edition will give out in excess of 10.000 € in cash awards

IN THE PALACE started out as a competitive forum for student films, but it has now become the biggest and most prestigious short film festival in Bulgaria, and one of the best known throughout Eastern Europe, eventually been given the EFFE Festival label granted by the European Festivals Association.

IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival focuses on fiction, documentary, animation and experimental short films, plus new media and digital arts, up to 27 minutes in running length. It is an exceptional platform for both young filmmakers and seasoned professionals.

The festival will take place in September in Queen Marie Alexandra Victoria's former residence in the beautiful seaside town of Balchik, by the Black Sea. In the course of the festival there will be additional activities such as live music shows, panels, labs for children, nightly open air screenings near the beach, etc.

Academy Awards® qualifying festival in three categories: In addition to the 10000 € the festival gives out in cash awards, IN THE PALACE is a qualifying festival for the Oscar Awards® from the Hollywood Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in the Best International Animation, Best International Fiction and Best National short film categories, and also for the Student Awards®.

Don't miss your chance and submit your film to the 17th International Short Film Festival IN THE PALACE before May, 1st!



Bengaluru Int. Short Film Festival submissions end next April 30th

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公開済み: 30 Apr 2020


Bengaluru International Short Film Festival's 10th edition, the first festival from India to be recognised by Hollywood's Academy®

The festival screens short films from all over the world, thus creating the ideal environment to offer a great experience for filmmakers and gather enthusiastic audiences. The festival organises talks and panels with important professionals and intellectuals, which allows novel filmmakers to interact with some of the industry's main agents. Nowadays short films are perceived as a form of art which demands a unique approach, and that is why BISFF also provides practical learning opportunities in workshops and professional forums in order to build an exclusive experience and a place where distributors may find the films they are looking for.

Academy Awards® Qualifying Festival: Short films that win the best film awards in the Indian and International competitions can be selected to be part of the Academy Awards®, provided they meet all requirements from the the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science.

Any fiction film up to 30 minutes in running length that was produced after January, 1st 2019 will qualify as international short film for the competitive category. If your film meets those requirements, think no more and submit it to the BISFF before April, 30th!



Postponment tag

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公開済み: 08 Apr 2020


We have created a new marker / tag for festivals that are forced to postpone their dates due to restrictions caused by the Coronavirus.

As a festival, on the "Edit" page you will find two buttons, the orange button "Postponed Festival" in case your festival varies in its celebration dates (even if you still do not know the new ones) and the green "Festival OK" which you can use to remove the postponement tag or if you already have the new definitive dates of celebration.

The filmmakers will also have access to this information in the list of festivals , once inside a postponed festival, under the title you will see an indicator that will tell you if the festival has been postponed and, in the cases where it is known, the new dates for the event.




COVID-19 - Information from Festhome

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公開済み: 25 Mar 2020

Dear Friends,

We hope that you and your families and friends are well in these uncertain times. At Festhome we are no stranger to the serious crisis that the world is going through. However, we want you to know that we remain at your disposal, although we have taken the necessary precautions and have fully embraced remote working for all of our team: #stayhome. Due to these special circumstances, we want to offer our services and coding skills that may be useful in the coming weeks and months, either to create new tools or help you use existing tools such as Indiehome TV, online festivals, private video libraries, private film links, etc.

In addition, we have launched an online festival with a very simple philosophy adapted to this moment: that filmmakers who are confined to their homes may create and share pieces filmed during these atypical days with everyone. We call it Stop Virus Film Festival and it will be available for free at Indiehome TV . There are no entry or submission fees , it is totally free for spectators and filmmakers, and we will collect donations from viewers of the festival that will go entirely to research on the coronavirus .

Tips and suggestions for Festival Organizers

Many festivals have seen their festival dates affected and all must follow the recommendations and obligations of their governments. But, given the position of Festhome as a platform, we have been able to view some trends and want to share them, and add a few suggestions, to minimize the damage caused by COVID-19, both to filmmakers and festivals:

  • We are seeing that in most cases, the call for entries dates are not changing and the vast majority of festivals are choosing to keep them intact or extend them in a variable way as events unfold.

  • As for the dates of the festival, and although some cancellations are taking place, we see that most are opting for postponments and in a few cases, some festivals are also offering a part of their programming online (pay per view).

  • In cases of cancellation, we see that these festivals (and we recommend) that current submissions are kept for the next edition. We also request that you contact the filmmakers, as some of them may have seen their schedules altered and may request to be allowed to withdraw their films.

  • In cases of postponement, we also recommend that for the moment and due to the impossibility of planning at any level, an estimated date for the festival is announced. Due to the competition for the availability of spaces that will occur after this crisis, we recommend staying in touch and frequently informing the managers of the spaces about the possible dates as events unfold.

  • If you have advertising contracted with us, we are open and you can ask us about possible changes in dates and spaces as a result of these changes you may have to make.

In any case, we believe that communication with the filmmakers is very important. At Festhome we have many tools to help you communicate quickly and efficiently, both with messaging systems and using the specific page of your festival to keep giving information about your festival′s intentions to filmmakers.

We reiterate that we are at your disposal to help you, and we hope that this crisis will be over soon.


Moscow International Film Festival, one of the oldest and most renown festivals in the world: Class A Festival

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公開済み: 21 Feb 2020


The 42nd Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Oscar® qualifier and FIAPF accredited, will close its call for entries next February, 21st

The Moscow International Film Festival's first edition took place in 1935, which makes it the second oldest film festival in the world, right after Venice. It has become over the years a cultural and social phenomenon acknowledged internationally and a mandatory milestone for world film premieres. All main film production companies look for a place to premiere their films in the Moscow International Film Festival because they recognise the power of the festival's audience in Russia as one of the most seasoned film viewers in the world. Plus, the Film Market that takes place as part of the MIFF has strengthened its reach and is now most appealing for international distributors.

The festival is not just a key forum for the film world, but also a great social event. Among the festival's guests, such great stars as Federico Fellini, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Finch, Richard Burton, Robert de Niro or Anna Karina can be counted… More recently, stars such as Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton, Jack Nicholson, Jeanne Moreau, Meryl Streep, Gerard Depardieu, Jacqueline Bisset, Richard Gere, Alan Parker, or Geraldine Chaplin, among others, attended the festival.

The prestigious brand of Swiss watches and jewellery, Chopard, is the author of the Palm d'Or, the most famous award given by the festival, which is made in gold, and also of 13 more of the festival's awards, which are made in precious metals.

Qualifying festival in the documentary category for the Academy Awards® and FIAPF accredited as a Class A festival: International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) recognises Moscow as a Class A competitive non-specialised festival, a category shared with just a handful of festivals such as Cannes, Berlin or Venice. Furthermore, the winner of the Silver George award to the Best Documentary film will be pre-selected for the Oscars®.

The festival will accept submissions until February, 21st, exclusively through Festhome. Do not miss this incredible opportunity and submit your film to the 42nd Moscow International Film Festival!



Did you submit your short film to VIS Vienna Shorts yet?

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公開済み: 31 Jan 2020


Think no more and submit your short film before January, 31st to VIS Vienna Shorts: Oscar, EFA and BAFTA qualifier, 20000 $ in cash awards

Since 2004 VIS Vienna Shorts screens a bold program of international fiction, documentary, animation and experimental short films. To VIS, the experience of watching a film does not conclude with the end credits, and it therefore looks for a way to create tension and stimulate fantasies, to arouse people's curiosity and initiate a debate, thus offering a great opportunity of cultural enrichment both for local audiences and international visitors.

Since last year, the festival has a new team, new screening theatres and a new international network (that includes the Oberhausen Festival), and it has been accepted by the EFA as part of the exclusive list of festivals associated with the short films category European Film Awards. Out of some 4000 films received by the festival last year, 305 were selected, and 67 of them were screened in the two international competitions. Fiction & Documentary, and Animation.

: Since 2016, winners of the Fiction and Animation Short Film Jury Awards may qualify for the Academy Awards® organised by the Hollywood Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science. Since the 2018/2019 season, the festival is accepted as an associated festival for the European Film Awards, and it remains a British Academy Awards, BAFTA, qualifying festival.

Furthermore, in this 17th edition the festival will give out in excess of 20000 $ in cash awards. Think no longer and submit your short film BEFORE JANUARY, 31st!



Have you already sent your short to the Brussels Short Film Festival?

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公開済み: 26 Jan 2020


January 26, deadline to submit to Brussels International Short Film Festival, qualifier for the Academy Awards®

Since 1998, Brussels Short Film Festival has as its main goal to promote directors, actors and emerging technicians; connecting them with a large audience of more than 26,000 spectators and interacting with more than 700 professionals (international buyers, distributors and other festival programmers...) who participate in the numerous workshops and meetings and allowing them to divulge and sell their short films in the festival's international market.

This festival offers a screening experience that mixes quality, discovery, diversity and entertainment; presenting short films to young audiences as an alternative format of artistic creation.

In the last edition 136 short films from more than 30 different countries were selected between the three competitions (international, national and Next Generation for students).

Academy Awards® qualifying festival: Since 2018, the winners of the Great Prize of the International competition will be eligible for consideration in the Animated Short Film/ Live Action Short Film category of the Academy Awards®

In addition, in this 23rd edition, the festival gives out more than 8,000 euros in cash awards in the International Competition and many other prizes, including broadcasting rights on TV channels. Don't miss your chance to participate in the most important short film festival in Belgium, and one of the most important in Europe!



The prestigious Festival of Málaga will close soon its call for entries

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公開済み: 15 Jan 2020


Last few weeks to send your short or feature film to the 23rd Festival de Málaga

The Festival de Málaga was born in 1998 and since then has maintained as its main goal the promotion of Spanish language film production, inviting each year different sectors of the film industry, generating forums, debates and meetings, paying tribute to great figures of the industry and becoming a showcase for the work of professionals in the audiovisual sector.

The Festival has established itself as a major cultural event with great public attendance and extensive coverage of national and international media.

December 15th is the final deadline for documentary feature films and short films, as January 15th is the deadline to submit fiction and animation feature films in the Official Section and Zona Zine. Do not miss this opportunity if your short film or your feature film is fictional, animated or documentary, Spanish or Ibero-American and has been made in 2019. In addition, the Málaga Festival will be awarding 44000 € in cash prizes.

Goya® Awards qualifying festival: Winners of the Silver Biznagas to the best fiction and documentary short films are automatically pre-selected for the Goya Awards from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Spain.

Remember the deadline to submit documentary and short films is December, 15th, and the rest of feature films can be submitted until January, 15th. You can only submit your film through Festhome.



Submit your short film before January 8th to Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo

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公開済み: 15 Jan 2020


Start the year sending your short film to the 33 Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo, qualifier for the Goya® awards and 17,000 € in prizes

Our team wishes you a happy new year that brings many projects and great filmmaking!

We begin 2020 with the deadline on January 8th of the Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo (SECIME), seed of filmmakers and forging a growing industry. Medina del Campo has become a reference city within the Spanish short film map, gathering acclaimed directors with new ones starting their careers here. The City Council and all the institutions, national, regional and local, come together to celebrate the great festival of cinema: art and culture together to face the great challenges of the 21st century.

In its last edition, more than 3,000 short films from 80 countries were presented. Of these, only a hundred divided between the different competitive sections, fought for the desired Roeles trophies. Over the years SECIME has won the recognition for the quality of its selection, having the honor of debuting Goya awards-winning short films in recent years and even several short films premiered at this festival (as "Madre" by Rodrigo Sorogoyen) have been candidates for the Academy Awards®

SECIME is dedicated to short film in all its categories, digital and projects for future short films, in addition to supporting young filmmakers in the feature film contest and to international author cinema with cycles dedicated to the best winning films in the main festivals of the World, retrospectives of classic film, talks, exhibitions and video contest.

Goya® Awards qualifying festival for short films: The winner of the Special Jury Prize "Roel de Plata" will be eligible for the Goya® awards from the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In addition, Medina del Campo distributes more than 17,000 euros in prizes. Don't think about it anymore and send your short BEFORE JANUARY 8th!



Last few days to submit your film to Cartagena International Film Festival- FICCI!

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公開済み: 04 Dec 2019


60th anniversary edition of Cartagena International Film Festival- FICCI

Each month of March the Cartagena International Film Festival- FICCI takes place in Colombia, a festival specialised in Latin American films. Born in 1960, it is the oldest cinematic event in South America, and has had film stars such as Rita Hayworth, Jack Nicholson, Bernardo Bertolucci, Clive Owen and Roman Polanski as guests.

The festival, the selections of which were watched by more than 130.000 people in its last edition, includes initiatives such as Films in the Neighborhoods, which spreads the festival's art throughout the city. Among many relevant events, FICCI's programme offers a critics and film journalism workshop and another workshop that is fully dedicated to promoting and strengthening the production of Colombian documentary films.

In this edition, besides the India Catalina statuette, which is the festival's symbol, FICCI will give out some $125.000 in cash awards among the 10 competitive sections and the 4 work-in-progress (WIP) categories. The authors of all selected films will have access to screenings, appointments with sale agents, distributors and theatre owners, and will have press and co-producers available to them, along with all other advantages that come with being accommodated by FICCI.

Oscar® qualifying festival in the shorts and documentary feature films categories: Latin American short and documentary feature films selected for the festival will be part of a vote that will decide which ones of them will be pre-selected for the Annual Academy Awards® organised by the Hollywood Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science.

Cartagena International Film Festival- FICCI's call for entries will be open exclusively in Festhome until next Wednesday, November 27th!.



Submit now your film to Oscar qualifying Cinequest Film & VR Festival, before November, 15th!

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公開済み: 15 Nov 2019


Oscar® qualifying Cinequest Film & VR Festival will close submissions next November, 15th

Now in its 30th year, Cinequest Film & Vr Festival has grown to become an audiences favorite, as proven in a vote amongst USA Today readers, who chose it as the best film festival they knew. Cinequest programs 85-90% of its festival from paid submissions annually, which makes it a truly and literally popular film festival.

Cinequest connects artists, innovators, media, and audiences—as people converge to experience a potent mix of immersive stories from around the globe and breakthrough technologies. Yet, Cinequest’s stellar reputation not only hinges on its knack for creating a powerful line-up, but also for securing distribution for many of its honored filmmakers. Netflix, IFC Films, Amazon, MSNBC Films, Oscilloscope, Sony Pictures, Magnolia Pictures, Kino-Lorber, eOne, Lionsgate, PBS, and HBO are just a few of the many that have signed deals with some of Cinequest's success stories.

Competitions in Cinequest are structured according to innovative models: instead of a more traditional separation in narrative types competitions, Cinequest welcomes television episodes and webisodes in short and long format, runs a Comedy feature competition, accepts films produced in high schools and colleges, and has a specific competition for music videos, among other unique choices made by the festival programming team.

OSCAR® QUALIFYING FESTIVAL: Cinequest Film & Vr Festival short film winners will be pre-selected for the Academy Award® in the short film categories, as organised by the Hollywood Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science.

Do not miss your chance to be part of today's great film festivals, and submit your film to Cinequest Film & Vr Festival before November, 15th!



Glasgow Short Film Festival, BAFTA-qualifying festival. 4000€ in cash awards

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公開済み: 12 Nov 2019


Don't be left out and send your short film to the Glasgow Short Film Festival

Glasgow Short Film Festival, has grown steadily since 2008 to become the largest competitive short film festival in Scotland, meeting point for new and established Scottish and international filmmakers, industry delegates and the local audience. GSFF has earned an international reputation for quality curation, which is reflected in the increasing number of filmmakers, talent spotters and festival programmers who attend the festival each year from across Europe, North America and Asia.

Its programme celebrates diverse forms of cinematic expression, and focuses on disruptive, ground-breaking work that crosses through the boundaries of conventional narrative film. GSFF not only advocates the importance of short film in fostering future generations of filmmakers, but it also provides a perfect meeting-place where collaboration can begin.

GSFF’s core programme comprises international and Scottish competitions. Through a programme of learning and networking events, including panel discussions, workshops and one-to-one sessions, new talent is supported. GSFF curates unique special programmes on particular movements or filmmakers of international importance, and hosts parties and live performances throughout the festival week.

British Academy Film Awards-qualifying festival: Glasgow Short Film Festival is a BAFTA Awards qualifying festival for British short films.

Glasgow Short Film Festival also DISTRIBUTES 4000€ IN CASH AWARDS. Don’t miss out the chance and submit your short film before November, 12th!