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05 Jul 2024

Опубликовано: 25 May 2024
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Короткометражные фильмы


The event, dedicated to the selection of the best short films, aims to support Abruzzo and national talents who want to try their hand at cinematographic art, expressing their skills and knowledge through the form of short films. The event aims to showcase the most deserving.


Preselection by the Examining Commission:

the works received will be viewed and pre-selected by an Examining Commission, whose judgment will be unquestionable. It will operate independently and following the indications of this regulation.

There are two sections in which you can participate: National and Abruzzo. Authors born and resident in Abruzzo can participate only and exclusively in the Abruzzo section. The Commission will be made up of the Board of Directors of Abbo Production S.R.L. Gianni Labalestra and Angelo Sateriale and will have the task of proceeding with the selection both on the basis of the production technique and the methods of expression adopted by the author for the treatment of free themes.

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