Overtime Sport Film Festival (11)



12 Aug 2021
Call for entries

10 Sep 2021
Festival closed

01 Oct 2021
Notification date

09 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021


Piazza della Libertà n.23,  62100, Macerata, Macerata, Italy

Festival description
Short film festival 30'<
Feature film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2016
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Feature Films 
 Any language
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Photo of Overtime Sport Film Festival
Photo of Overtime Sport Film Festival
Photo of Overtime Sport Film Festival
Photo of Overtime Sport Film Festival


Festival start: 09 October 2021      Festival end: 09 October 2021

Review of Short Films, Films and Documentaries on Sport.

The Pindaro Cultural Association organizes OVERTIME FESTIVAL, which will take place from 6 to 10 October 2021 in Macerata (Italy). The main objective of the festival is to propose sport, sports practice and sports ethics through all the arts, workers and means of communication.

In this context, the Pindaro Cultural Association, for the year 2021 OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL, an international competition for short films, films and social documentaries, with the aim of promoting, disseminating and making young cinema visible. The event also aims to create an appointment in Italy where directors, video makers, industry professionals or simple cinema and sports enthusiasts can compare and combine different experiences.


- Best Short Film;
- Best Director;
- Best Screenplay;
- Best Actor / Actress;
- Best Social Documentary;
- Best Film.


Registrations for the OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL are open from 1 July 2021 to 10 September 2021.

Participation in the Review is free and open to all Italian and foreign authors, both individually and as an association.

Films that have already had participations and awards in other festivals are not excluded.


OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL has two sections:

- Short films section
- Section of films, feature films and social documentaries.

For the short films section, you are competing by submitting a short film with a maximum duration of 30 minutes (including opening / closing credits) related to the theme of sport and sports ethics, no later than midnight on 10 September 2021.

For the section of social films and documentaries, you can participate by submitting a film (no maximum duration limit) related to the theme of sport and sports ethics, no later than midnight on 10 September 2021. During the awards ceremony on 9 October 2021 awards will be given for: best short, best director, best screenplay, best actor / actress, best social documentary, best film.


The screening of the best short films, films and documentaries chosen at the sole discretion of the OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL jury is scheduled for the week of the OVERTIME FESTIVAL event from Wednesday 6 October 2021 to Sunday 10 October 2021 at the Mozzi Borgetti Library, the Galleria Antichi Forni di Macerata, schools and other public and private locations in the historic center of the city of Macerata.

If the Organization deems it, it can foresee a screening of the shorts and documentaries on dates prior to that of the event, in agreement with the authors.

The dates, places and times of screening can be changed by the Organization of OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL without notice limit, unless communicated to the interested parties.


The selection of OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL is aimed at all authors of short films of fiction, documentation, animation, video art with particular reference to shorts with a strong narrative impact that refer to sport in its broadest sense (sports practice, reference to sports , sporting feats, reference to characters or sites and places of sport, sports equipment, etc.). An important aspect will also be the ethical component and the value of sport in society. The theme of the 2021 edition of OVERTIME FESTIVAL will focus on the theme "COLORS in and of sport", certainly composing an important, but not decisive, detail in the choice of finalist films.

The presence of sport and / or sports ethics, even if temporarily fleeting, must still be functional to the development of the narrative, under penalty of exclusion from the competition.

All the works sent are collected in the archive of the Pindaro Cultural Association.

The film that meets the following conditions can be presented at the Review:
- made after 1 January 2016;
- USB STICK or DVD / PAL or Blu-ray / PAL support (or in digital mp4 format if sent by mail);
- maximum duration of 30 minutes (including opening / closing credits) for short films;
- no maximum duration limit for social films and documentaries;
- minimum resolution 720x576;
- optimal HD resolution.

The work can be done in any language, including dialects. If it is not shot in Italian, but in dialect, it must be accompanied by subtitles in Italian.

For foreign language works not in english, english subtitles are required.

This sub-titling is the responsibility of each author (or whoever owns the rights of the work).
Each author can also submit more than one short film, film or social documentary.

Each production or distribution company can participate with more works.

The material received will not be returned, even in the event of exclusion.

A commission, appointed by the organization of the competition, will select the works that will compete for the prizes at its sole discretion.
If the film is selected for the competition, the Organization will inform the author (or whoever owns the rights of the work).

When the author (or whoever holds the rights to the work) accepts the official invitation of OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL, he undertakes not to withdraw the film from the competition.


The author and / or who owns the rights of the work are responsible for the content of the work sent and declares to have acquitted
all copyrights towards third parties. It also grants explicit authorization to use it.
The author and / or who owns the rights of the work also takes responsibility for the truthfulness of the data contained which, in the event of selection, are used in the promotion and communication materials of OVERTIME FESTIVAL.


Participation in OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL is free and implies acceptance of this selection announcement. Each competitor can participate with multiple films, be they short films, films or social documentaries.

Works already presented or awarded in other film competitions are admitted to the competition as long as they are related to the assigned theme.
Each work must be sent digitally by e-mail to pindaroeventi@gmail.com or in duplicate, in DVD or Blu-Ray format or on a USB stick.

In all emails or on all media sent, the following must be clearly indicated:

- title of the movie;
- name and surname of the director;
- duration, country and year of construction;
- reference section in which you participate;
- mobile phone and e-mail contact.

In addition, paper documentation containing:

- registration and membership form for OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL;
- a synopsis (short summary of the video of maximum 10-15 lines);
- information on the music used in the film (title / song / author / performer);

It is advisable to include other information in the attached documentation:
the director's curriculum vitae, the screenplay, some set photos or taken from the film or backstage, the curriculum vitae of the main actors, the transcription of the opening and closing credits, and all the information material on the creation of the work, a trailer of the work (using an additional DVD) and a poster / poster of the short film / film / documentary.

The email or envelope containing:

- digital content or 2 DVD copies of each work or 2 USB sticks;
- registration form (one for each video sent) clearly completed in all fields and duly signed in original wherever it is required (in the case of a video made by a minor, the signature of a parent is also required);
- authorization to process personal data, according to Legislative Decree 196/03;
- further information material (supplementary)

must be sent no later than midnight on 10 September 2021 by e-mail to pindaroeventi@gmail.com or by ordinary, priority or registered mail to the following address:

Pindaro Cultural Association
OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL International Competition
C / O Law Firm
38 Nazario Sauro Square
62100 Macerata (MC)

The postmark is valid.
For customs purposes, shipments from abroad must have the following indication on the outer wrapping: "WITHOUT COMMERCIAL VALUE - FOR EXCLUSIVE CULTURAL USE".

Shipping costs are borne by the participants. Taxed packages will be refused.

By sending the work, the sender declares to be the owner of all rights of use of the work itself, none excluded and that the contents of the same do not violate the laws in force and that the work does not contain defamatory contents. In any case, the sender releases the organization from any responsibility for the content of the film projected in public.

Participants, by registering for the competition, authorize the non-profit cultural association "Pindaro" to process personal data, including computerized data, to use and publish the information released for all uses related to the objectives of the competition and to the events connected to it.

For the 2021 edition, collaborations will be active with some online platforms including - festhome.com - for the submission of works for the competition: it is an alternative to sending the DVD by post. It should be noted that the regulations and forms of OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL 2021 also apply in this case. In some cases, registration through the platform may be subject to a fee (any financial request is not to be considered attributable to the organization of OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL).


The exhibition does not include industrial or advertising films or films that contain advertising messages.
Works of offensive, racist, highly violent, defamatory content of personal and collective dignity will not be considered.
All films not in line with what is expressly requested in the aforementioned article 4 will be excluded.

ART. 8 - awards

The films selected for the final evening compete for the following certificates (without cash awards):

- Best Short Film;
- Best Director;
- Best Screenplay;
- Best Actor / Actress;
- Best Social Documentary;
- Best Film.

The aforementioned awards are awarded by the Jury in the award ceremony, at its sole discretion. On the occasion of the award ceremony, if possible, for the duration of the works and for logistical reasons, there will be the screening of the selected finalist films. The selected films, unless expressly forbidden by the authors (or who owns the rights) when registering for OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL,they can be published on the official websites www.overtimefestival.it and www.pindaroeventi.it of Associazione Culturale Pindaro and on other video sharing platforms (facebook, vimeo, youtube, etc.).
The selected authors are required to attend the award ceremony and personally collect any recognition. The accommodation costs of the finalists are borne by the Organization. In case of non-attendance at the award ceremony by the selected authors, the Organization reserves the right to deliver certificates and awards.


An internal commission will carry out an initial pre-selection among the submitted works and will unquestionably assess the eligibility to participate in the competition.
The selection board will reserve the right to choose the videos to be screened in the final evenings, confirming participation and promptly informing the participants of the time and place of the public screenings by e-mail.
The policy of the Pindaro Cultural Association remains first and foremost to give visibility to the largest possible number of works arrived within the deadlines set by the competition.


For information or further clarifications on this announcement, it is possible to contact the organizing secretariat:
Pindaro Cultural Association
C / O Law Firm
38 Nazario Sauro Square
62100 Macerata (MC)
tel. +39 339 6 935 965
email pindaroeventi@gmail.com - info@overtimefestival.it
website www.overtimefestival.it
facebook http://www.facebook.com/overtimefestival instagram overtime_festival


The Organization of OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL reserves the right to make changes to this selection announcement.
Participation in the competition implies acceptance of this selection announcement.
Pursuant to Law 196/2003 we inform you that the personal data relating to the participants are used solely for the purposes of the competition. For any other aspect not contemplated in this selection announcement, the laws in force are valid.
The Organization of OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL declines all responsibility in case of incorrect or non-receipt of the registration documentation, due to transmission by any means and for any reason.
The organization of the Competition, while rigorously engaging in the care and custody of the works received, does not assume any responsibility for any postal delays, theft, damage or loss that they may suffer before, during or after the event.
The Organization of OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL reserves the right to interrupt, suppress, postpone the event or modify this Selection Announcement, at any time, according to the needs of conducting it. No damage of any kind will be recognized to the participants due to the aforementioned possibilities.
The Court of Macerata is competent for any legal dispute.


The DVD copies of the short films and social documentaries sent will not be returned but will become part of the paper and multimedia archive of the Pindaro Cultural Association created for educational, cultural and non-profit purposes.
The cancellation from this archive will be requested by written communication by registered post or e-mail.

The only winners are kindly asked to include the OVERTIME FILM FESTIVAL logo and the type of prize won in the copies of the film made after the award date. A copy of the DVD of the film with the wording inserted must be sent to the same address as the competition.

By sending scripts, expanded synopses, storyboards and backstage of the works presented, you automatically authorize their publication, without any compensation and without other forms of remuneration, always for educational-cultural purposes, on the site and in the social networks of the festival promoter or sites and linked web pages.

All rights to short films, films and social documentaries will always remain the property of the Author and the rights holders.



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