Festival Cortos para Tiempos Largos ()

Short Film Festival For Long Times


20 Aug 2023
Call for entries

20 Sep 2023
Festival closed

12 Oct 2023
Notification date

25 Oct 2023
28 Oct 2023


-,  -, Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia

Festival description
Cortos grabados en tiempo de cuarentena
Short film festival >1' 10'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 10'<
 Any language
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Photo of Festival Cortos para Tiempos Largos
Photo of Festival Cortos para Tiempos Largos

Photo of Festival Cortos para Tiempos Largos
Photo of Festival Cortos para Tiempos Largos


Festival start: 25 October 2023      Festival end: 28 October 2023

The "Festival Cortos para Tiempos largos" is a proposal for the training, creation and circulation of audiovisual content carried out by young Colombians since 2020 with a clear purpose, to connect people and stories. The festival is not looking for winners, it is conceived as a space for the dissemination and visibility of audiovisual products, carried out for academic and non-profit purposes, where all those who wish to be part of a great story can participate.

This space is thought of as an opportunity for the dissemination and visibility of narrative content. The festival has academic and non-profit purposes, for which recognition will be given to those selected but no prizes will be awarded.


Terms and Conditions

The "Festival Cortos para Tiempos largos" is an annual event that promotes the ideation, creation, development, dissemination and circulation of audiovisual productions in short film format. For the year 2023, the Short Festival for Long Times seeks to continue its proposal through training spaces in the audiovisual area, which encourage the creation of new stories that connect people, spaces and ways of life. For this reason, the festival opens its doors wide to all those people interested in the production, training and consumption of audiovisual products.

Open convocatory

The Short Films for Long Times Festival invites national and international filmmakers to participate with their short films in the third official version of the festival. From August 20 to September 20 at 11:59 p.m., registrations for the festival will be enabled.

Who can participate?

Any natural or legal person can participate, from any country that is the owner of the author's economic rights, intellectual rights and all other rights of the short film with which it participates.


Festival participants openly declare that they are the holders of the rights to the short film, this includes videos, photographs, sound, motion graphics, images, soundtrack, voice, designs and other elements that arise from it or, on the contrary, , have the necessary permits for their use or are elements of free circulation and use.

Image rights

Regarding the use of images, the participants declare that the people who appear in their audiovisual products authorize their participation, having all the permissions and more if they use the image of minors or people in a vulnerable condition.

Legal or other actions

The participant exonerates the Festival Cortos para Tiempos Largos from any legal action due to third-party claims on copyright or other types of actions that the legal representative of the audiovisual work could face for violation of copyright, image or other rights derived from its short film.

Conditions of participation

Below, you will find all the information regarding the requirements for participation in the festival, read each of the points carefully to register your short film.

Participation categories.

The festival invites all participants to produce and submit short films framed in the following categories:

Documentary film
stop motion

Of all the topics considered in the participation, those stories framed in topics such as:

ethnic communities
Rural communities
Human rights
cultural expressions
Gender approach

Note: any of the above categories may be declared void, a determination that will be made due to the lack of reception of short films or the non-compliance with the minimum standards. This will be determined by the festival and will be final.

submission requirements

The audiovisual works that will participate in the festival must have the following conditions:

Short films with a minimum duration of (1) minute and a maximum of ten (10) minutes in duration (including credits) will be received.

The short films must be presented in their original language and with their respective Spanish subtitles in case of being a different language.

Each audiovisual work must have its respective credits, technical sheet and official poster.

A minimum quality in audio and video must be guaranteed, which allows the short film to be appreciated.

The audiovisual works presented and selected in some of the previous versions of the festival will not be able to participate again.

The festival reserves the right not to take into consideration those short films that explicitly show injuries, mutilations, human trafficking, violation of human rights, and those topics that are considered inappropriate and denigrating.

Registration requirements

Registration for the festival will be enabled from August 20 to September 20 at 11:59 p.m.
Through the FestHome platform, all audiovisual works that wish to participate in the festival on the dates indicated for registration will be received.
Any questions or concerns that arise during the registration period will be answered by email Infofestival@cortosparatiemposlargos.com

Note: Registration will be made through the FestHome platform, however for those who present problems at the time of registration and/or the platform charges some type of cost, they can write to the festival email and present the case to find another registration method.


Once the reception of the audiovisual works has begun, a group in charge will begin with the viewing and selection phase of the short films that will make up the official selection.

Those who carry out the process of viewing and selecting the short films are chosen by the festival and their verdict will be final.

Short films that fail to comply with any of the points of the conditions of participation will be disqualified.

Each participant will receive a notification about the result of the official selection of the festival, regardless of the results obtained by it.
The results of this call will be published on the festival's website and on its social networks on October 10, 2023 during the course of the day.


The "Festival Cortos para Tiempos Largos" will be held from October 25 to October 28 in virtual and face-to-face mode (Colombia). During these four (4) days you can enjoy:

The visualization of the short films of the official selection through http://festivalcortosparatiemposlargos.com/.
Viewing talks and/or interviews with people from the industry.

Participation in videoconferences.
Screenings and talks in person (Colombia).

It is not a contest, the "Festival Cortos para Tiempos Largos" is a space for dissemination and visibility carried out for academic and non-profit purposes, where all those who wish to be part of a great story can participate.

Obligations and other provisions

The Festival in its search to provide transparency and clarity with the call and with its results proposes:

The short films that have been included in the official selection of the festival may not be withdrawn under any circumstances once their participation in the official programming has been made public.

The selected short films will be screened virtually and in person during the festival time (from October 18 to 21).

The festival will have the power to deliver special mentions if required.

Sending the final files for the screening of the official selection authorizes the festival to use them for promotional purposes for an indefinite period of time.

All the patrimonial rights of the author, the intellectual rights and all the other rights of the short film will continue to belong to the participant.

The festival does not contemplate payments for concepts of exhibition, dissemination or promotion, for which the holder, when registering his audiovisual work, authorizes the exhibition of a cultural and/or educational nature on any platform available to the festival, including indeterminate subsequent periods.

All the audiovisual works selected in the different versions will remain in the festival's private archives and may be used with the prior authorization of the authors.

The festival will not receive payments for exhibition, in such a case that this occurs, it will speak directly with the owners of the works and agreements will be reached.

The owner of the audiovisual work acknowledges that he has all the rights to the short film to authorize its disclosure and exempts the Cortos para Tiempos Largos Festival, its representatives and collaborators from all liability arising from third-party claims.

By registering, he declares himself subject to the terms set forth herein and must comply with them, fully accepting them, without any reservation or exception. These terms and conditions are obligatory and binding, if he decides not to accept them, he will not be able to participate in this call.
All participants agree to comply with all the rules established in this call.

Any matter not specified in this call will be addressed through the email Infofestival@cortosparatiemposlargos.com



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