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26 Jul 2021
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06 Sep 2021
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28 Sep 2021
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27 Oct 2021
31 Oct 2021


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Festival start: 27 October 2021      Festival end: 31 October 2021

AL BORDE, International Transfeminist Film Festival, was born from the desire and urgency to circulate narratives and audiovisual pedagogies that give visibility to existences that exceed the limits of what is possible, consolidating itself as an artivist, sex-dissident and community festival.

Our first edition, will take place virtually between October 27 and 31, 2021, and hopes to have films that focus on disobedient corporalities, uncomfortable for the CIStema, that disturb, confuse and expand the limits of the gaze. , of desire and of what a body can become and do.

This festival seeks that those of us who inhabit the edges of feminism, gender, sexuality, beauty, corporeality, of life imposed by patriarchy, colonialism, capitalism, racism, speciesism, can see ourselves, imagine ourselves, narrate ourselves on our own terms, bringing together our various struggles. Making cinema a space of rebellion, freedom, healing and also love, where we can imagine and inhabit the worlds we dream of, where the experiences of our dissident communities make sense.


The sections that we propose emphasize relevant aspects of creativity, affection, dissent, imagination, enjoyment, borders, alliances, transformations and bodily overflows. We are looking for short and feature films, fiction and / or documentaries with a transfeminist approach, that distance themselves from the victimization, pathologization, normalization and colonization, with which bodies have historically been represented in the cinema.

1. Dissident corporealities: Films featuring experiences, memories and corporeal existences, disobedient to the impositions of gender, identity boundaries, defying empowering gazes, sexual norms and hegemonic aesthetics.

2. Our desire, our revolution: Films that focus on erotic practices, pleasure, bonds, loves and ways of inhabiting sexuality, that are subversive to cis-heteronorm, defying pornography produced from the patriarchal perspective, that break taboos and embrace corporalities that have been excluded from desire.

3. Rooted identities: Short and feature films, fiction and / or documentaries that share memories, experiences, knowledge, feelings and visions that occur at the crossroads between racialized identities and sex-gender dissidence, where racist stereotypes about women are challenged. Afro-diasporic, indigenous, room, Garífuna, among others.

4. We are Multitude: Stories of transfeminist struggles and anti-CIStema alliances, led by interspecies communities, migrants, peripheries, sex-dissidents, trans, marikas, sex workers, survivors of violence, defenders of the territories. Movies that celebrate those who collectively resist oppressions and create possibilities for just existences.

Although the sections are not competitive, they will award special mentions within each category, chosen by a jury made up of people whose life, affective and political experience is related to the topics addressed, as well as community filmmakers and audiovisual producers.

We open our 2021 call to audiovisual works made in any year, of any duration and audiovisual genre, made by people from all over the world, that address the themes expressed in the bases of this call, in tune with the transfeminist stakes, of social justice and celebration of bodily, ethnic-racial, sexual and gender differences.

The works may have been exhibited in physical or virtual rooms, preferably not available on streaming platforms. We privilege the selection of films where people who share the experience or are part of the narrated communities, have been an active part of the film creation and production process.


The registration of works is done exclusively virtually through the application platform FestHome or the Google form, both options available on our website. When registering your work through the Google form, you must include all the required information, with a Vimeo, Dropbox, Drive or Youtube viewing link that has the keys or accesses to view it. Registration for the festival is free and can be done until 11:59:59 p.m. on Monday, August 23 (Colombia Time).

Applications that do not comply with the theme or any of the specifications contained in these bases will not be displayed, being automatically disqualified.

Works that are spoken in any language other than Spanish must come with Spanish subtitles. The Festival is not responsible for the translation or subtitling of the participating films.

The selection process of the nominated works will be carried out by the curatorial team of the festival. The decision will be final.

Registration does not guarantee the selection of the work at the Festival.


The festival team will notify by the end of September 2021, via email, if the film was selected or not.

A copy of the selected work must be sent through the download link of the file in H.264, extension .mov or mp4. stereo audio, spoken or subtitled in Spanish. Likewise the complementary material, composed of:
Set of at least 5 images from the film
Photo of the director and / or filmmaker team
Trailer download link in H.264 format
Poster and promotional graphics
List of credits (complete technical and artistic team)

AL BORDE Festival reserves the right to use video and audio extracts, which do not exceed 10% of the total work, as well as images, graphics and texts of the selected works, with the aim of disseminating them and the event. These purposes are exclusively promotional, and without prejudice to the copyright of the works.

The filmmakers, producers or distributors of the selected works undertake to include in their advertising and press material the logo and laurels of the Festival in accordance with the brand manual of the same. This material will be made available to all selected films.


Registration and / or participation in AL BORDE international transfeminist film festival implies acceptance of these rules. Once selected, the film cannot be withdrawn from the festival.

By registering the work, Mujeres Al Borde is authorized to exhibit it online within the Festival's programming. The selected films may be used in training or roaming activities organized by Mujeres Al Borde, all non-profit. The festival undertakes to notify the people conducting these activities in advance.

The electronic address of the festival for inquiries is:



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