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Lugo Film Week


08 Jan 2021
Call for entries

01 May 2021
Festival closed

21 Sep 2021
Notification date

20 Sep 2021
26 Sep 2021


Ronda de la Muralla, 139-2º ,  27004, Lugo, Lugo, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival 30'<
Feature film festival >60'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2019
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Feature Films  >60'
Spanish Galician
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Photo of Semana de Cine de Lugo
Photo of Semana de Cine de Lugo

Photo of Semana de Cine de Lugo
Photo of Semana de Cine de Lugo


Festival start: 20 September 2021      Festival end: 26 September 2021

43ª Semana de Cine de Lugo (Spain). Celebration 20 to 26 September 2021 (SECILUGO 43).


Best Film in the Official Section (Audience Award): 3.000 euros.

Jury Award "Muralla de Lugo" Best Film of the Nationalities: 2.000 euros.

Jury Award for Best Documentary Film: 500 euros.

Audience Award for Best Galician Film: 500 euros

Audience Award for Best Short Film: 500 euros

Rules & Guidelines 43ª Semana de Cine de Lugo (Spain). Celebration 20 to 26 September 2021 (SECILUGO 43).


It is object of this call the regulation of the prizes of the International Competition of: Full-length films (Official Section), Full-length films and short films (Nationalities Cinema), Galician Cinema (Parallel Sections), Cinema and Gastronomy (Parallel Sections), Documentary Cinema (Parallel Sections) and Short films (Parallel Sections) of the 43rd edition of the Lugo Film Week (Spain), organized by the Grupo Fotocinematográfico Fonmiñá and under the auspices of the Xunta de Galicia, Lugo Provincial Council, Lugo City Council and the University of Santiago de Compostela (Lugo Campus), which will take place from 20 to 26 September 2021.

The International Competition of the 43rd edition of the Lugo Film Week will be provided with 6,500 euros in prizes, (distributed in its different sections) to be charged to the budget of the competition and subject to the current deductions established by law.

Natural or legal persons with the capacity to act (producers, directors, distributors) who have the due legal control over the works they submit to the competition may participate.

The person or entity (or their representative) that signs the form authorizing the registration will be considered by the Festival as the only valid interlocutor to deal with aspects related to the participation of the film in the event and as the only responsible before other persons or companies that have participated in the production of the film.

They must have been produced in the years, 2019, 2020 and 2021. They may not have been exhibited or edited commercially in Spain in public halls (except at festivals), television, VoD or websites before September 20, 2021.

The works must be fiction (real image or animation) with more than 60 minutes of duration in feature films. The same requirement will apply to documentaries. Short films may not exceed 30 minutes. Subtitles in Spanish will be required for those copies whose original language is Galician, English or any other language.

Films that do not meet this requirement will be excluded from this call.

Some of the titles selected in any of the sections and in agreement between both parties (Festival and Representative), may be shown in streaming (online) through the official channels of the Festival.

A SPECIAL PREFERENCE will be given to those films that deal with the following genres and themes and whose main objective is to detect and disseminate the filmmaking talent of emerging filmmakers, placing special emphasis on auteur cinema:

Independent cinema.
Cinema of Nationalities (Autonomous Communities of Spain)
Ways of Santiago (French and Primitive).
Galician cinema.
Those wonderful missing movie theaters


To register the film you must do it through the registration form of the corresponding digital platform.

The online registration period will close on May 1st, 2021 at 24:00 hours (local time in Lugo).

The film can always be registered by sending a request to:
The registration period in this case will close on May 1, 2021 at 14:00 hours (local time in Lugo).

To complete the registration, the following data and materials must be included:

- Contact details of the owner of the rights and assignment of exhibition rights in the Film Week.

- Assignment of exhibition rights in Streaming (Online) through the Festival's own channels.

-Filmographic file of the film (technical and artistic file, synopsis, duration, etc) and assignment of rights for use in social networks.

- A copy of the film with subtitles in Spanish (essential, if the original language is Galician, English or any other). It must be sent by post to
Lugo Film Week
Ronda de la Muralla, 139 - 2º
27004 Lugo - Spain

- Trailer. In case you do not have a trailer, you can send a selection of images extracted from the film (minimum: 30 seconds).

- High resolution frames from the film, in digital format (300 dpi or more).

- High resolution photo of the director(s), in digital format (300 dpi or more).

- The organization of the 43rd SECILUGO will not maintain correspondence (neither oral nor written) about the originals sent. It will only do so through the corresponding distributor (digital or traditional).

Registration in the 43rd Lugo Film Week will involve:

- The total acceptance of these rules by all participants and their agents and representatives.

- The authorization for the festival organization to screen your film in one of the non-competitive parallel sections in case you are not selected for the competition, benefiting from the publicity and promotion of the festival.

- The authorization to divulge materials of the registered films (stills, posters, cards, script fragments, press texts, etc.). The participants authorize the diffusion of up to three minutes of images of these films in any media.

- The acceptance that, in case of obtaining any of
the prizes awarded in the contest, a written reference to the awarding of such prize will be included at the beginning of each and every copy of the film distributed for its exhibition in commercial theaters and/or audiovisual contests, as well as in all the printed informative and promotional material (press-books, posters, etc.). This reference will consist of a text with the type of award granted, invariably accompanied by the corporate image (logo and name) of the Festival.


A selection commission appointed by the Organizing Committee of the Film Week will have the task of advising on the films that will compete in the different sections. Likewise, it may propose those films not selected for the competition but considered of special relevance for their exhibition in parallel cycles.

The selection will be made taking into account that the competition is a sample of the most outstanding independent film productions from around the world, betting on the most thematically committed and formally innovative films.

In any case, the final decision of the competitive sections will correspond to the steering committee.

Participants whose films are selected for the competitive sections will be required to comply with the following provisions and behaviors:

-Production and distribution companies will assign the rights for the exhibition in Streaming (Online) of certain selected titles of their films through the Festival's own channels.

-The production and distribution companies of the selected films will provide all the necessary material for the elaboration of the catalog of the Lugo Film Week that is requested by the organization.

-The production and distribution companies will transfer the rights for the public exhibition of their films without any cost for the organization.

-They will provide the organization with the screening copy free of charge. All the films registered and not selected for the Official Competitions (Long films, Documentaries and Short films), will be considered for inclusion in other sections of the Festival's programming.

-They will allow the incorporation of the selected films to the videographic fund of the Cinema Week, destined to the audiovisual diffusion without spirit of profit, always of cultural character. In any case, Fonmiñá (the organizing body) will inform participants of the use made of these films.

-They will not withdraw the film from the program or present it commercially in Spain before its screening in Lugo.

The screenings of the 43rd Lugo Film Week will be carried out in the formats or system considered by the Festival. During the celebration of the event, from 20th to 26th September 2021, the organization reserves the right to show the selected films in the cinemas and spaces linked to this event in as many public sessions as it considers appropriate. The organization will establish the order, date and time of exhibition.

A jury chosen from among professionals from the world of film, audiovisual, press and culture, will be responsible for selecting the various films for the competitive sections.

The Best Film of the Official Section will be the public attending the screenings, who will vote for each of the films shown.


Best Film in the Official Section (Audience Award): 3.000 euros.

Jury Award "Muralla de Lugo" Best Film of the Nationalities: 2.000 euros.

Jury Award for Best Documentary Film: 500 euros.

Audience Award for Best Galician Film: 500 euros

Audience Award for Best Short Film: 500 euros

The doubts that may arise about the interpretation of these rules, as well as the conflicts that may arise from their application, in terms of organization or operation, will be resolved by the Organizing Committee of the 43rd Lugo Film Week.

The decision of the juries will be unappealable.

The Festival (Lugo Film Week) will only pay for the guests' expenses related to their stay and maintenance for the agreed-upon days. There will not be any kind of payment for expenses or travel assistance, whatever the origin.

To the so called section of Cinema of the Nationalities and with option to the Prize "Muralla de Lugo", they will be able to take part films realized in the language and subtitles corresponding to each one of the Spanish Autonomous Communities, Foral Community (Navarre) and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

If the future health situation requires it, the festival team will implement all those actions that guarantee the measures promoted by the health authorities and the different administrations; even if this means altering the design and development of the festival.



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